Hello again loyal PaperFilms backers!  We’re back from the amazing Planet Comic Con in Kansas City and making a great, final push on the latest campaign for PAINKILLER JANE.   With this all new, self contained story, PAINKILLER JANE: BEAUTIFUL KILLERS.  This campaign has just a few short days left as we reach out directly to our fans via Kickstarter. 

Painkiller Jane makes her dramatic return to the comic pages in this action-packed, sexy, and dramatic adults-only two-issue tale!  Now you can be a part of the excitement! This campaign sees the return to one of our favorite creations, PAINKILLER JANE! Launching soon is PAINKILLER JANE: BEAUTIFUL KILLERS,  a 54-page total adventure told in a TWO-ISSUE epic story from the creative team of JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex, Powergirl, Marvel Knights), artist JUAN SANTACRUZ (Fantastic Four, Hulk and The Resistance), award-winning artist PEACH MOMOKO [ X-Men Demon Days-cover artist] and designer extraordinaire JOHN J. HILL (Rage, Painkiller Jane, Sex & Violence, Pop Kill, Crossover), who team up to present an action-packed adventure of Painkiller Jane with her best gal pal Ajira, on a continued European adventure featuring high stakes, high drama, sexual themes, and TONS of action makes this a Mature Audience title.

This campaign will end this week and there are some tiers already sold out however there are options for everyone!  We’ve got everything from limited covers, signed options, exclusive, campaign only covers, retailer options and more!

  And those tiers, yeah, there are some fun ones. This campaign features both issues of PAINKILLER JANE: BEAUTIFUL KILLERS (Issues #1 & Issue #2).  Each title will contain a series of standard and variant covers for all the fans and collectors out there!  As a special bonus, PAINKILLER JANE co-creator and industry superstar JOE QUESADA returns to the character to provide an exclusive, limited edition variant cover to the title.  Fans will not wish to miss out on this opportunity to get this limited cover.

We will also be featuring variant covers by:  AMANDA CONNER, PEACH MOMOKO, JOSH BURNS, and JENNIFER VAN DAMSEL.  Standard covers by BEN CALDWELL and JOE LINSNER!  So many options for you to choose from.  We will, as always, have both physical and digital options for all your backing desires!  ADD ON options will allow you to catch up on past projects and books as well!

Nudity and violence make this an ADULTS ONLY title.



Covers of the series for PAINKILLER JANE, has tons of options. With standard covers by BEN CALDWELL and JOE LINSNER, we’ve added variant covers by: PEACH MOMOKO, JOSH BURNS (Zenscope, History Channel), AMANDA CONNER (The Pro, Painkiller Jane, Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Before Watchmen) and an awesome cosplay cover by JENNIFER VAN DAMSEL and the return of Painkiller Jane co-creator JOE QUESADA (Daredevil, Ash, Batman)! This mega team provides limited edition and printed covers for this project!