Vampirella embarks on a mission with her newfound sidekick Dyna Might to save a world that looks similar to 1940’s earth from interdimensional vampiric drug lords. Trying to avoid anti-super registration and forces, Vampirella and her allies will have to find who is behind the meta drugs that’s trafficked into this world before it creates implications across the multiverse. 

    This crossover book featuring Vampirella and The Superheroes Project in a noir fashion is a solid direction that I don’t think anyone expected but will surely enjoy. Vampirella as a character is versatile, fitting seamlessly regardless of story or genre a writer puts her in. Abnett establishes the foundations of the story focusing on Vampirella’s mission of investigating the trail of meta-human drug strains that have been affecting other Plurals (worlds) within the multiverse. Despite the grand concept, it’s a very centered book focused on this particular world that is in desperate need of heroes that are willing to go above the law and the rules that regulate against supers. Abnett does a great job at establishing the kind of world that Vampirella and her covert team are operating in, which makes for an interesting story that’s under a noir lens despite the superhero foundations it’s built upon.

  Pasquale Qualano’s art in tandem with Ellie Wright’s complimentary color work makes the layouts, character acting and action stylish and exciting. Jeff Eckleberry accompanies the art with solid lettering that blends nicely with the art, which makes the book a fun read. If you’ve never read. Vampirella, this is a cool jumping-on-point to get in on the action of the character. If you’re looking for a standalone Vampirella book, this will fit the bill as well, with some golden age superheroes depicted in a different light that makes for a worthwhile time. Add this to your pull list for new comic book day. 

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.

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