These Hobbits are “precious,” as this set illustrates. But even the smallest person can change the course of your collection.

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The 4-piece set includes Frodo (invisible form), Sam, Merry, and Pippin, plus a special light-up feature. Fulfill your quest with this collectible.

We honor the epic fantasy phenomenon The Lord of the Rings with this exclusive Little People Collector set of the Battle at Weathertop. The hobbit Frodo Baggins (joined by his three best friends – Sam, Merry, and Pippin) bears a dangerous Ring that must be destroyed. As they camp at Weathertop, they’re confronted by evil Ringwraiths who hunt the Ring for Sauron. Our set lights up and features a foil-laminated image of how the Ringwraiths appear to Frodo when he puts on the Ring. 

  • Little People Collector™ The Lord of the Rings: Battle at Weathertop 
  • Includes four (4) 2.5-inch figures: Frodo (invisible form), Sam, Merry, and Pippin 
  • Battery-operated light feature is located under the Frodo figure 
  • Light feature switch is located on the back of the package. It can be operated without opening the box or removing figures 
  • Foil-laminated illustration on the back of the package displays the Ringwraiths and their ancient king forms as seen when Frodo wears the Ring 
  • Gold Label*
  • Package is 11 x 2.37 x 11, standard gloss with gold foil accents 

*Little People Collector Gold Label products are manufactured in very limited quantities and include premium packaging designs that make them elite collectibles for our most dedicated fans.