Shadowcat continues her mission as she infiltrates Orchis Re-Education camps to scout for Mutants that have been imprisoned. But what awaits her bodes ill. The rest of the X-Men embark on a mission to receive key information that only the first family of superheroes may pertain. Can Shadow Kat free the imprisoned mutants? Can The X-Men convince Mr. Fantastic to help them ?

As a writer Duggan does a superb job at crafting tension as readers witness Synch, Talon, Shadowcat and the rest of the remaining X-Men attempt to save every mutant they can without endangering more. It’s enjoyable seeing how Rasputin IV’s abilities work, who she is related to, and her overall status as a powerhouse on the team. Having Rasputin IV and Ms. Marvel as a duo is one of the most enjoyable parts of this book and series thus far and make for some of the most entertaining characters to follow along with the rest of the team. As for the rest of the story, it feels important and impactful. Every character serves their role in the plot and the ramifications create the desire to see more of what happens next. 

Phil Noto’s art style looks different from previous projects that he’s worked on, and that’s largely due to color tones which works well for this issue. Noto is able to capture the personality of the team and display it well along with the action that is economically effective. Paired with Clayton Cowles’ lettering, the book is visually enjoyable to read. This is a solid issue that feels important to the current line of Fall of X titles, and is worth adding to your pull list for new comic book day. 

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.