Upgrade your collection with incredible products from Dark Horse!

Dark Horse continues their line of popular Mass Effect statues. The beloved franchise has endured as a fan favorite, record-selling series since its first release in 2007. This newest line of collectibles features familiar squadmates and enemies alike.

Tali’Zorah Figure

By the time Tali joins Shepard’s team aboard the Normandy, she has proven herself intelligent and trustworthy by providing knowledge of the Reapers. With her insight into the geth, expertise on technology old and new, and unquestioned loyalty, Tali is an indispensable ally.

This PVC figure stands at 8.5” tall and will definitely enhance your lineup of Mass Effect figures!

Available August 2024

$59.99 SRP

Urdnot Wrex Figure

“Shepard.” -Wrex

“Wrex.” -Shepard

Born to Clan Urdnot, the famed and often feared krogan is also one of the last krogan

battlemasters, the toughest krogan in existence due to their biotic abilities and diligent

determination. Despite his prowess in battle, Wrex doesn’t partake in pointless violence and is

one of the few of his people planning for a new krogan future.

At 9.75” tall, this figure is ready to unleash his usually-tempered fury on any that would get in

the way of him or his squad.

“Now we can get back to doing what krogan do best: saving everyone else from giant monsters.”

Available August 2024

$69.99 SRP