“The Midnight: Shadows” takes the electrifying, tech-noir aesthetic and heartfelt lyrics from music to the page

Dark Horse Comics presents The Midnight: Shadows, an electrifying, original sci-fi comic adventure inspired by the poetic storytelling of band THE MIDNIGHT, composed of singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle and producer-songwriter Tim McEwan. Fans of the band’s retro sound and newcomers to the 1980s nostalgia-filled, cyberpunk-style aesthetic alike will enjoy an immersive universe that is engrossing and visually stunning. The Midnight: Shadows is an original graphic novel written by prolific comics creator Zack Kaplan (Kill All Immortals, Break Out) with art by Stephen Thompson (Star Trek, Batman Beyond) and artist Jahnoy Lindsay (Superboy), vibrant synthwave colors by Thiago Rocha (Hacktivists) and lettering by DC Hopkins (Nocterra, Star Wars). Fans can also expect a limited deluxe edition, available through the band, which includes an alternate cover and gilded magenta edges along with bonus art, interviews, and behind-the-scenes at the book’s creation. The deluxe edition will be available through the band, in two bundles, with signed art prints and other special items.

“The creative MO of The Midnight has always been to ‘combine not confine’,” said Tyler Lyle of The Midnight. “We noticed early on that creative people in other fields were taking our music and adding video, VR worlds, digital art, photography and the world of The Midnight kept expanding. We were thrilled to be able to work with Zack and this amazing creative team to help to add even more flesh on our creative skeleton. What is nostalgia? Does it indicate an escape from ‘normal life’ or does it provide the wisdom to help us escape INTO it. The graphic novel is a medium that allows a much bigger and more complex story to be told and we couldn’t be more excited to watch that story slowly become real.”

“Visuals have always been a huge aspect of the world of The Midnight,” adds Tim McEwan of The Midnight. “From the very beginning, our fanbase joined in by creating videos and art that expanded on our music and visual aesthetic. It was natural to take it one step further and create a graphic novel. We’ve been lucky enough to have an incredible team of artists and creatives, headed by the talented Zack Kaplan, who skillfully helmed this ship from the very start. Partnering up with Dark Horse is a match made in heaven and we feel so blessed to see this creation come to life. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this a reality but thank you first and foremost to our amazing fans, without whom none of this would have been possible.”

“Before I got the privilege to write this graphic novel, I was a fan,” Confides graphic novel writer Zack Kaplan. “Intoxicated by the immersive beats and heartfelt lyrics since their very first demo. It was no surprise to me to see them become one of today’s best synthwave bands. Their presence is so narrative, that it was dying to be shared in this form. And it’s been a joy to bring it all to comic life, to partner with Dark Horse for such a vivid and mind-bending series, and to create this electrifying world with a powerhouse creative team, Stephen, Jahnoy, Thiago and DC, that will blow your mind with one visually stunning page after the next. Whether you are a listener of the music or you just love a good sci-fi adventure, we cannot wait to take you to that place half in dark and half in light, where arcade dreams are a reality, where heroes battle monsters. Get ready for a truly epic, synth wave adventure.”

“The Midnight has probably been the most challenging and interesting book of my career so far,” admitted artist Stephen Thompson. “The task of bringing Zack’s layered scripts to life, while simultaneously trying to evoke the flavor and atmosphere of the music of the band has been both a labor of love and a real artistic stretch for me. But the 1980s kid I am at heart felt right at home in this retro futuristic world and with the characters and vehicles which inhabit it. And high praise has to go to Thiago’s colors, which add so much to the aesthetic we’ve created here.”

About The Midnight: Shadows:

Twenty-something young man Jason is on the precipice of parenthood with his childhood sweetheart. Struggling with the loss of his adolescence, Jason is sucked back into THE MIDNIGHT, a cyberpunk game from his childhood. As the helmeted hero who travels to the post-apocalyptic Neverland in the year 2085, he is the hero who once vanquished the shadow monsters, and they believe he has returned to his actual reality to do it again.

With two different realities beckoning him home, Jason must reconcile which world he belongs to and how he can embrace adulthood without losing himself.The Midnight: Shadows arrives in trade paperback (136 pages, 6.625″ x 10.1875″) on bookstore shelves on October 1, 2024, and comic shops on October 2, 2024. Pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble for $19.99. The Midnight: Shadows Deluxe edition from The Midnight is available for pre-order through themidnightshadows.com