This Brand-New Hardcover Collection Arrives September 2024 

“Mr. Lovenstein comics are a breath of fresh air. They’re crisp, refreshing, and if I don’t get one every few seconds, I’m gonna die.” – Neil Kohney, The Other End Comics 

Today Skybound and Image Comics announced Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings, the upcoming collection of Mr. Lovenstein comics from webcomics superstar J.L. Westover that celebrates feelings in all forms. He helped us accept our failures in the Eisner Award-nominated OGN Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure, and now he’s going to help us feel our feelings when this hardcover hits comic book stores on September 17, 2024. 

Massively popular webcomics author J.L. Westover follows up his Eisner-nominated debut by taking readers on a rollercoaster of emotions in Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings. This brand-new hardcover collects over 200 pages of fan favorite Mr. Lovenstein comics, along with brand new, book exclusive comics. 

“This is a collection of my funniest comics with all the feels,” said creator J.L. Westover. “My goal was to help people get in touch with their feelings. All of them: Joy, Sadness, Rage, Love, Anxiety, and Horny. I even invented new emotions like horngry. I can’t wait for the world to feel feelings like they’ve never felt feelings before.” 

Get ready to catch feelings in this brand-new collection of Mr. Lovenstein comics, including exclusive never-before-seen comics that can’t be found anywhere else. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll wonder if the tingling sensation in your stomach are butterflies…or something…else…! 

“After the success of Failure we couldn’t wait to publish more Mr. Lovenstein, so J.L. Westover put together a brand-new book that gave us all the feels,” said Alex Antone, Editorial Director at Skybound. “Mr. Lovenstein is really special to everyone at Skybound, and we’re over-the-moon to keep this partnership going strong.”  

Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings was one of the most funded graphic novel Kickstarters of 2023 earning over $250,000, marking the second partnership between J.L. Westover and Skybound. The very successful Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure Kickstarter campaign in April 2021, earned $225,000, making it a top 10 webcomics graphic novel campaign of all-time. Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Feelings joins a record-breaking slate of graphic novel campaigns from Skybound that have elevated a diverse group of voices, including Ava’s Demon Book One, Ava’s Demon Book Two, Excellence, and The Extra Fabulous Experience

Mr. Lovenstein Presents Feelings (ISBN: 978-1-5343-4952-0 I MSRP: $14.99) will be available everywhere books are sold on Tuesday, September 17, 2024 and at comic book shops and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on Wednesday, September 18, 2024.