Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel – WTF!!?? Seriously!?




Before I even begin, this article is dedicated to the morons across the internet starting “The Flame Wars” over Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel! These mentally challenged and pathetic individuals have in some fashion decided that they mentally own a piece of Marvel Studios and/or Warner Brothers and feel the need to attack (aka Trolling) every article they see when it pertains to the opposite side they are on! It just goes to show that they have successfully redefined the terms “Window Lickers” and “Head Bangers”.  Now, on to the article!


**Possible Spoilers Throughout** You have been warned!


The question I continue to ask myself is, “Who gives a flying f&#% which film does better?” Realizing, actually hoping, that most of this is started by people under the age of 18, there has been as of late, a consistent upswing in hijacked threads and articles where comments are allowed.  It could be anything from a few “off color” words, to photo-shopped pics and/or modified Gif’s. The biggest problem is once the Trolls come out, they sit back as the fans  retaliate typically with similar degrading backlash, not realizing all they are doing is “Feeding the Animals”! You know what happens when you feed a wild raccoon or squirrel? They keep coming back! Amazes me that so many do not get this!


As a long time comic and super hero fan, I was so pumped when back in 2005 and 2008 we were blessed with the beginning of a new era in CBM’s (Comic Book Movies) known as Iron Man I and Batman Begins.  Marvel and DC both began a revamp on their franchises and gave us 2 great films.



You would think that would be a fantastic thing for comic fans, right? Oh Hell No! Most people were happy as it pertains to what the Box Office earnings show. But then there came a new type of mutated Fanboy! Of course with Nolan’s vision of Batman came the A-Typical diehard Fan-Tards that were screaming foul because this Batman was in a whole different universe that contained no other DC Universe Heroes with “powers”. This Dark Knight was a stand alone! This, of course, gave birth to a whole new annoying class of flap-jaw psycho fans commonly known as –> “THE NOLANITES”! The fans who act like Christopher Nolan walks on water! Check the image below! It explains it all!


If you are posting and they are close, then prepare to have your face ripped off if you say anything at all that is derogatory about The Dark Knight Trilogy!  Of course, I take the opportunity when it presents itself to agitate the Hell out of them so they hopefully will break their keyboard in a fit of pre-hormonal rage and log off! Trust me when I say, you will get nothing but pure enjoyment watching them through your monitor  having a brain melt down! Oh btw, so I do not sound like a hypocrite, there is an “art” to combating “Fanboyitis”! It is all in the delivery! Use facts and above all else, be overly nice! They won’t know what to do. Confusion and a severe case of ADHD takes over and they disappear! It truly does work!

Now that we have those goons established, let us proceed onward and take a look at a very nasty and wicked little breed of parasite known as “Marvelites”.  These annoying and sneaky parasites will appear typically as one spamming nutjob, but will breed out of control and ruin every post they touch! Unfortunately they come in all shapes and sizes and there is no true standard banner for them except for what is below. —>


I compare these fools to cockroaches! You try and stomp them dead, but they keep returning! The breach for their entry came in the way of Iron Man I and they steadily became more and more annoying as Marvel Studios kicked out some of the best CBM’s in the history of movies! You would think everyone would be happy! Not in the least! Out of nowhere a sense of entitlement came over these people where they started flaming DC posts because Marvel was getting it right while DC fans were getting Craptastic films like Green Lantern and Jonah Hex!  I will admit many of the flames were hillarious, but it was still pathetic in that enjoyment was being had from the misery of others. Do not get me wrong! DC Nolanites and Fanboys alike were and are doing the same thing. They all continue to cannibalize each other while making everyone else miserable who is trying to enjoy fellow comic movie fan conversations!


Why is it so hard to like both for these sub-humans? I thoroughly enjoy all CBM’s yet like many other people out there, I am subjected to uneducated blowhards constantly when I want to participate in a discussion.  Kevin Feigi  actually addressed the out of control war, via video, going on over at between Marvel-Heads and DC-Heads! There was always a little tension until it erupted over The Mandarin twist and was immediately deemed a “DC Fanboy Produced Spoiler”! I laughed so hard until I realized how it caught on like a prairie fire and next thing you know all Hell broke loose! Now every single post that is Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, or ANYTHING Marvel/DC movie related over there has the effect of a dinner bell being rung! They come running like a pack of rabid dogs! Pathetic to say the least!

I will end this by saying  GRATS to Marvel Studios Iron Man 3 for breaking $1 Billion and becoming the 5th highest grossing film of all time! WOW! Next up, we get a new revamped Superman in Man Of Steel that almost guarantees even further expansion in the DC Cinematic Universe! Kevin Feigi said it best when he told everyone to calm down and that he was very excited to see Man Of Steel. The most powerful words he used though were “When one studio does great at the box office with a super hero film it only helps the other studios with their films”! So if any of you are reading this and you feel that trolling on the internet is “cool” or is getting you “brownie points” in some way, your wrong and you are doing nothing but acting like an immature jackass! The studios don’t care for your opinion and frown upon that style of expression. They have no interest in what you want to see, since you are really never the target audience. All you are is guaranteed revenue that they know will be there when the time comes for opening weekend! Until next time, either here or on the podcast, I will be exposing the self absorbed Fanboys and will continue to serve them tall glasses of “STFU Juice”! Does their body good!



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