**SPOILER ALERT** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN BOLD TYPE! Okay, if you are still reading this then you have committed yourself to knowing what I have discovered through various sources. […]




Okay, if you are still reading this then you have committed yourself to knowing what I have discovered through various sources. These “sources” are everything from websites, news articles, trailers, TV spots and most recently pre-screening reviews that have been discussed in various forums across the internet. Take everything you read from this point on and make your own opinions and even with a grain of salt if you so choose. Fanboy Factor as a whole was not involved whatsoever in my research. That being said, I shall classify this as a “Opinionated / Viewpoint” article! So let us get moving along because this film is going to be Freaking BOOMBASTIC!!!! NO CRYING OR WHINING ALLOWED FROM THIS POINT ON:

You will see that I will use a number system for each “Spoiler”, provide a “generic” source as to not get anyone in trouble and pictures increasing the awesomeness of many of these! If it is from a reliable source made available to the public, then I will indeed make note of that as well. These will not be in any specific order as to the way the movie plot goes. Some are known already and then some have not been revealed yet (call them exclusives?). So get comfortable, play a little music from Hans Zimmer’s MOS Soundtrack and Enjoy!:

1. SUPERMAN and ZOD  have shown an immense display of a new take on HEAT VISION.  Also mentioned was their Heat Vision is “hotter than the sun” (Trailers and TV Spots, Forum Movie Review)


2. LEXCORP was featured in Trailer #2 and we got a very quick glimpse of the building! It was followed up by a pic in the Movie Guide available at Walmart in the MOS Display  (Trailers / TV Spots / Walmart Exclusive Man of Steel Official Movie Guide available in store for $9.97)


3. LEX LUTHOR was only hinted and specualted on UNTIL the other day when on the Superman WIKIPEDIA site they placed 4 names. One being MICHAEL C HALL showing his role of LEX LUTHOR. They were forced to remove the names by Warner Brothers according to a report. You may know him from the show Dexter. (Wikipedia and Forum Discussion)


4. HAWKMAN and/or HAWKGIRL – When people bought the pre-screening tickets at Walmart on June 18th starting at 8 AM, you received a code to redeem a FREE Digital Download of a comic book. Within the first couple pages, the Kryptonian Council were deciding the fate of a Kryptonian named Dev-Em who had committed murder. They referenced THE BRUTALITY OF THE THANAGARIANS (Walmart Digital Download Comic from Ticket Event May 18th) UPDATE **Per a Press Conference today with several of the Man Of Steel Actors, some hinted that Lex Luthor is not in the film, but doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist either** We shall see if what is said is true or not!


5. SUPERGIRL – In that very same comic they showed Kara-Zor El, her fate and to be totally upfront, the book was about her! The person murdered was her “boyfriend”.  She was then sent off in a Terra-forming ship when it was sabotaged by the very same person, Dev-Em, who committed the murder. He stowed away, killed off the rest of the crew and then woke her up to kill her. She was obviously in our “yellow sun” solar system because both of their powers became apparent to a degree. The damage taken from their fight put their ship into an emergency landing mode to the closest habitable planet – EARTH! If you remember the trailers of Clark looking up in the sky when he was on that fishing boat, in this comic it was because a beacon goes off that both he and the US Military notice. It was shown coming  NOT from the North Pole but from Northern Canada. Which leads into Spoiler #6! (Walmart Digital Download Comic from Ticket Event May 18th)



6. THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE – Is NOT what you think! It actually is a “Terra-forming Ship” that contains thousands of embryos from Krypton to continue the Kryptonian’s species! The ship is also hinted at being “organic” in some sense. It also shows it crashes in Northern Canada. Supergirl was only 1 of 2 surviving people from the crash. Dev-Em (Played by actor Revard Dufresne)  took off in a snow storm and will most definitely take the part of a villain in some way. (Movie Internet sites, Walmart Digital Download Comic from Ticket Event May 18th)


7. MACKENZIE GRAY – His mysterious role has been revealed as JAX-UR and not Lex Luthor! A Kryptonian Scientist who designs Zod’s Robot Army who eventually tests Superman to see if he is truly a Son of Krypton. The SPOILER though is not in his role but WHO he plays. In the show Smallville, there was a character called DAX-UR. He was responsible for creating one of Superman and the World’s greatest enemiesBRAINIAC! Gray was interestingly enough on Smallville as well. (Websites / Forums / Movie Book Publication)


8. MARTIAN MANHUNTER – There has been much debate around the internet about who people want in the final spots if and when they make a Justice League Movie. Well when the Government and Lois Lane is questioning Superman, they say something about another alien that they have eyes on with ManHunter written on his ship. Superman responds with something like “Well where I am from is a lot farther than there”. I was expecting Cyborg, but Jonn J’onz is just as exciting! This was posted by two people on two different forums that saw pre-screenings in New York and the other in Australia. Of course reviews still have an embargo at the time I am writing this, but forum chat obviously does not!  (Noted source in previous statement)


UPDATE: Now that this being confirmed through sources popping up here and there, let us take this to the next level —->

Who could he be disguised as since he is known to shapeshift? Well here is my guess and others from around the web:  How about General Swanick? There is he is in the first pic, but take a look at the CGI pic in the second! WHY is he wearing a CGI suit and notice the X on his chest in the second pic?? If anything, this may be in a post credit scene if it does happen! (HOPEFULLY)



9. BOOSTER GOLD – A nod was given to good ole’ Booster Gold in actually Trailer #2! It was fast and without completely geeking out and examining frame by frame looking for Easter Eggs, you would never see it. It came with a split second scene showing Zod flying up and Superman flying down alongside a skyscraper ready to collide and fight. In the very bottom left corner there was a lighted sign that reads “BLAZE COMICS”. They are Booster’s publisher in the comics. (MOS Trailer #2 and Websites)



10. METALLO?Tahmoh Penikett is playing a character named HENRY ACKERDSON. This character was in the WB/DC Animated Movie JUSTICE LEAGUE : DOOM and he was METALLO. This is all pure speculation, but they sure as Hell cast someone who fits the bill physically! In Superman: Unbound this same Henry was a “full of himself muscle head who kept wanting to hook up with Lois Lane”. (Pure Fan Speculation at this point with previous movie back-up)


11. KELEX & KELOR – These are the robots who serve Jor-El and Kara-EL in The House of El. Not much is truly known about either of these two, but they are quickly seen in a trailer and are highlighted in a children’s book. (Trailer/TV Spot and I Can Read Man Of Steel Level 2)


12. KRYPTON – There was some nasty buzz going around by die-hard fanboys crying about Krypton not exploding. Well, Russell Crowe assured everyone that the fate of the planet is sealed and it is also mentioned Jor-El goes to The Kryptonian Council to inform them of the planet’s impending doom (Russell Crowe and I Can Read The Man Of Steel Level 2)


13. SMALLVILLESnyder, Goyer and Nolan decided to place several different “Easter Eggs” throught the town of Smallville! Names of Elementary School, shops and so on is where you will find them. There even is a “suprise” cameo in the form of a “bank teller” that will delight the fans! What they are, I do not know yet, but keep your eyes peeled! Tip: Smallville gets torn up by Zod and his crew while fighting Superman so watch before everything is destroyed! (Internet, YouTube and Goyer / Snyder interviews)


14. SUPERMAN PRIME: Well many thought the suit was fan made or whatever, but now it has been stated that you will see Superman in his ALL BLACK suit from a “dream sequence” Zod puts him in, while trying to convert him. Remember Superman sinking in skulls from one of the TV Spots / Trailers?  (Pre-Screening Review Forum, Internet)



This concludes the SPOILERIFIC fun, but NEVER FEAR and CHECK BACK because you never know when I may add another! What? Did you think I would give you EVERYTHING now? LOL NO! NOPE! NADA! NEIN! NEE! I want to see you come back and say Hi! See you all soon with Update(s)!


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