Comic Review: Black Beetle: No Way Out #4 (Dark Horse)


Black Beetle has been one of those series (miniseries?) that stands out as what noir comics should be. Each exciting issue with it’s colorful villains, understated action scenes, and startling detective work keeps the reader on the edge of there seat. The book keeps that classic noir tone of great stories like Dick Tracy and the Rocketeer. The final issue of this particular mini, No Way Out, pulls the whole mystery together in a mostly unexpected and exciting way. The problem is that it has been so long since issue three that I had forgotten many of the story threads. It is for this reason that I think Black Beetle will read much better as a collected edition. Nothing against Francesco Francavilla, in fact he is one of my favorite artists, but this would have been much better as a graphic novel. The issue was still exciting and brought to light many things that have been building for the past few issues. The art is beautiful and the story is deep. I will give Black Beetle #4 three out of 4 Beetles!

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