Comic Review: Star Wars #6 (Dark Horse)


One of the strangest things about the old Marvel Star Wars comics is how, at first, they did not know the whole story. Based on the writers assumptions about the characters, Luke was madly in love with Leia. While this is hinted at in the films, it is quickly nixed when  Luke finds out that Leia is (spoilers…I guess) his sister. Dark Horse Comics’ new ongoing Star Wars series reads a so much like those old Marvel ones that a reader can tell that Brian Wood is a fan of the old comics as well as the films. His fandom shows in that awkward relationship between Luke and Leia. Set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back (before they knew they were related), this story still manages to be exciting and fresh. I have one major complaint about the issue…it needed more Han Solo. He is only in one panel. Han Solo is my favorite character so any time he is short changed in this book I am always at least a little disappointed. Carlos D’Anda’s art is spectacular as ever but does get a little confusing at the end when each panel jumps from character to character. The story is good but doesn’t fire on all cylinders like it has for the past five issues. There is a ton of set up for what I am sure will be great story.  I am sure that there is a Han heavy issue coming up that will get 5 stars out of me but for now this issue only gets 3 out of 5 because it is a lot of set up with no real twist or cliff hanger.

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