Batman Games Online that are Fun and Challenging are Available at New Website, a website that is devoted to providing fans of all ages with the best selection of Batman games online, has just launched its brand new and user-friendly site. The new website features a wide variety of free Batman games that have been hand selected by the site’s founder. As a bonus, the new site has been highly optimized for fast loading, which means that kids and adults do not have to wait for their favorite Batman games to load before they can begin playing.

With the recent casting of Ben Affleck in the upcoming Batman movie and the huge public reaction to this choice, it is clear that the Dark Knight is an incredibly popular character. In the new website,, kids, teens and adults can spend hours browsing through and playing the wide selection of games, some of which allow them to play as Batman and others that feature other characters.

For example, The Brawl game is already a huge hit with visitors to the site; in this game players battle with Batman directly to see who is the strongest.

“It is easy to control your character in this game, all you need to do is click on the part of Batman’s body that you wish to hit with your fist,” noted the in-depth instructions to the game, adding that when players need to defend themselves from the Dark Knight’s punches, they just need to press the space bar to raise their arms.

“Keep a good balance of offense and defense until you wear the masked hero down then knock him out for the win.”

Other games that are featured on the new website include Batman Skycreeper, Batmobile Ride, Batman: Ice Age, and The Joker’s Escape, which allows people to play as one of Batman’s arch enemies.

Playing games at the new website is easy and fun; Batman fans may visit the site any time they want and can take their time checking out the wide selection of games. Every game comes with instructions; to play, simply click on the title and then the “Play the Game” tab. The site also keeps track of which games are the most popular with players and which ones have earned the highest ratings.

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