Scary Cat: Mezco’s Mega DeathMittens Plush Hits The Town

Mezco’s newest addition to it’s popular Creeply Cuddler’s line is the oversized Mega DeathMittens. After hitting stores last week Mega DeathMittens quickly began to sell out and is now in the process of being restocked. Mega DeathMittens is the 1st Creepy Cuddler figure to be Mega-sized by Mezco and fans have declared her a hit!

To celebrate her success, DeathMittens snuck out of Mezco Toyz headquarters and headed to the Jekyll & Hyde Club. Located in the very heart of Times Square at 216 West 44th st it’s a haunted eatery for eccentric explorers and mad scientists, at the
Jekyll & Hyde Club, guests enjoy continuous live entertainment and special effects, all the while sipping specialty cocktails and dining on handcrafted American fare.

While at the club, DeathMittens made a ton of new friends and found that the Jivaro make some fine cat toys!

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For more information on The Jekyll & Hyde Club visit

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Or stip by Mezco’s booth at at New York Comic Con, October 10-13.

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