Issue 01 CoverI love independent comic books. Especially since these guys take the chances with their stories many corporations are unable to take because of the financial stakes the franchise books are tied too. I want to highlight one creator here – Edward Dippolito, a New Jersey based writer and artist.

Dippolito shares his story about a man who wakes up in an odd building and sees the world has gone to hell and is filled with the undead. As he goes through the building trying to make sense of his circumstances, he meets a talking cat. The cat, acts as a guide, and he admits that he has no idea what has happened.

While the plot of this issue seems like a cross between the first episode of the WALKING DEAD and THE CROW, it is just setting up what has the potential of a classic “fish out of water” tale.

The title of the comic is reminiscent of the “Dr. Acula” movie spoof that appeared in several episodes of SCRUBS and even mentioned in the movie ED WOOD. The lettering has a “first try” feel to it. The art also seems clumsy in some panels but it has room to grow.

However, the reason Dippolito’s comic is a success is because of the pace of the story. You feel genuine concern for the character (especially when he sees that half of his flesh has rotted away). He somehow conveys a great deal of emotion in just five panels. The story doesn’t move to fast and it doesn’t move to slow. It moves at just the right speed.

Page 11

Best example is this sequence involving a cat just simply climbing up a window. See here:

Frank_N_Stein_Issue 01 Page 19

Heck, if I were to teach a course on comic books, I use this comic as an example of storytelling and pacing. I will admit the art has its moments, but again, this is a first issue.

Pick up this comic just to see the early work of a future master comic book craftsmen.  Frank N. Stein #1 is available for free here or get it in print here.

Check out the video commercial here.

 All images courtesy of Edward Dippolito.

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