the jman sayeth: My Top 5(ish) Things in October’s Previews

Here we are…another month down the tubes.  But, let’s not waste time regretting the past.  Let’s let the past stay in the past.  Besides…we’ve got a new Previews to go […]


Here we are…another month down the tubes.  But, let’s not waste time regretting the past.  Let’s let the past stay in the past.  Besides…we’ve got a new Previews to go through!  The past can go suck it, amiright?!?!?


6)  Superman #26 – DC Comics.  I am a Superman fan.  Yup.  I admit it.  Lately, though…I’m pretty “meh” about the man of steel.  This new52 version doesn’t strike me as, well very “Man of Steel” ish.  Still, like a true Stepford, I collect the books.  Sometimes I read.  Sometimes I page.  Nononono.  Don’t give me that crap.  You know you do the same thing.  You collect/read something out of loyalty.  We all do.

That being said…this cover is downright cool.  I didn’t read the solict.  I hardly ever do (I prefer to be spoiler free, thank you very much), and it wouldn’t be the first time I bought a book based on great cover art and was completely disappointed.  What’s that old saying?  You can’t judge a book by it’s…

Harley Quinn #1

5)  Harley Quinn #1 – DC Comics.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned this book on another list.  The book probably got pushed by DC or something.  Be that as it may, since it’s being offered again, my opinion hasn’t changed.  I’m still looking forward to this book.

And…if this is the look they’re going with for her, I like it much better than anything else they’ve put her in recently.

Black Kiss Christmas Special

4)  Black Kiss Christmas Special –Image comics.  Hmmm…well, I….uhhhh…I….that is to say…it speaks for itself.  Moving right along…

Forever Evil 4

3)  Forever Evil Crap – DC Comics.  Whatever.  Call me names.  I already said I was a Stepford.  I don’t care.  I like Forever Evil (so far).  I like the premise.  It’s clever.  And the tie-ins haven’t been too bad (so far)…at least the ones I’ve read.  Cause, I don’t follow every tie in.  C’mon!  You gotta have some self respect.

origin 2

2)  Origin II –  Marvel.  As a card carrying fanboy, you’re obligated to read this book.  Besides, with all the bitchin’ and complainin’ that sure to follow, you’re gonna wanna know what the fuss is all about.

I’m actually kinda surprised it took Marvel this long to go back to the Wolverine well.

amazing spider-man 700.1

1)  Amazing Spider-man 700.whatever/Superior Spider-man – Marvel.  Man.  I know you all “hate” Otto Spider-man (you’re still buying the books, though. amiright!?!?  It’s cool.  I won’t tell anyone.) but, I flipping love him.  He’s a jerk.  He’s condescending.  He’s everything your friendly neighborhood jman isn’t.  So, it’s with mixed feelings I read these Peter Parker Returns solits.  Don’t get me wrong.  I miss Pete (I think).  I just don’t think Otto’s run is over yet.

Superior Spider-man 23

I don’t know how, but I hope Marvel finds away to keep both these guys in the webs…

Stormtrooper monument

And the WTF product:  Life Size Vintage Stormtrooper action figure:  Gentle Giant.  $2300.  Wow!  My first impression was…who the hell is buying this?!?!?  Then it dawned on me…it’s Previews.  Previews isn’t so much for the individual, but the business.  And there’s probably some businesses out there who’d have this thing in there store(s).  Which I get.  Still… you know some superfan is buying one.  And I’d love to meet him (in theory, that is)…

Have you seen the latest episode of your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show yet?  Everyone (almost) is talking bout it…


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