Get Exclusive Apparel Only in Comic Shops!

Fans of comic book characters and pop-culture icons can show off their enthusiasm for their favorite individuals from comics, TV shows, and movies with exclusive apparel featured in the June issue of PREVIEWS. The T-shirts and cap are available for pre-order in comic shops from PREVIEWS, and are scheduled to release in late August and September.

Fans of Deadpool, The Walking Dead, TMNT, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Daredevil, Spider-Man and other well-known characters will be able to show off their geekiness with the unique apparel that will only be available to purchase at comic book specialty shops, as the items won’t be found at mass market retailers. The T-shirts depict favorite characters in simple yet bold designs and colors, and the Deadpool fitted cap will help any one stand out in a crowd just like Deadpool himself does.

The seven shirts and cap are featured in the June PREVIEWS catalog on pages, 434, 435, and 436, and can be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop. To pre-order, provide the ITEM CODE to your local comic shop.
Items Available August 2014
• Doctor Who Stacked Tenth Doctor White T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141734, $19.99, Page 434)

• Adventure Time Nightosphere Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141749, $16.99, Page 435)

• Walking Dead Michonne Walker Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141739, $18.99, Page 435)

• Army of Darkness S-Mart Work Shirt (Item Code: JUN141754, $41.95, Page 436)


Items Available September 2014
• Daredevil Lazer Bling Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141724, $18.99, Page 434)

• Spider-Man Inverse Icon Red T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141729, $18.99, Page 434)

• Star Wars Collecting Bounty Green T-Shirt (Item Code: JUN141744, $18.99, Page 435)

• Deadpool Word Classic Stretch Fit Cap (Item Code: JUN141756, $26.99, Page 436,)


To ensure you get your own exclusive apparel, pre-order it at your local comic book specialty shop. Find a local comic shop at

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