Comic Review: Action Comics # 973 (DC Comics)

“Who does that fool think he is? Superman!?” After everything that has transpired with Lex being cleared of his charges by L’ycall and gaining newfound respect from the Man of […]

“Who does that fool think he is? Superman!?”

After everything that has transpired with Lex being cleared of his charges by L’ycall and gaining newfound respect from the Man of Steel, a new danger arises.  The mysterious figure that poses as Clark Kent will have his true identity revealed as the Mild Mannered arc begins!

While Lois is on an undercover mission with Metropolis Police force, An intruder has entered the Fortress of Solitude catching Superman’s attention. What Superman discovers will surprise him. After the mission, Lois Lane finds the opportunity that she and everyone else that has been reading this series has been wondering…who is the mysterious doppelganger posing as Clark Kent? What is this doppelganger hiding? Where does he come from? And who is the intruder that has entered the fortress of solitude? How did he or she find it? And what do they want with Superman?

Dan Jurgens has been keeping a fantastic track record with his Action Comics run thus far. Especially with this storyline pertaining to the identity of the doppelganger that is masquerading as Superman’s public alter ego, Clark Kent. Jurgens has managed to do a good job at making this storyline engaging. Usually, a subplot that becomes a main plot doesn’t tend to be an enjoyable read, let alone keep the readers engaged with the plot/story, but luckily in the hands of Jurgens, he displays the ability to make this issue as well as the plot fun, mysterious, and engaging. Jurgens really makes you scratch your head, feeling eager to seek out the identity of this doppelganger. There are some plot threads that tie to the Superwoman title and the old Lois and Clark (post-convergence) title.  Although, I hope (and I’m pretty sure) the Gentricon plot thread gets picked up during the arc at some point. But, this arc thus far is now centering on this plot that has been going on since the beginning of Jurgens run on Action, and I can’t anticipate where it’ll go next, but surely, it’s going to be a promising pay off since we’re off to a promising start. The doppelganger’s behavior is very much like our favorite Man of Steel, except unexpectedly creepy in terms of the fact that he is very much like the real Clark Kent. But there is something that feels completely off about him, that even Lois Lane feels that way. Jurgens writing is great in this issue, really leaving the reader hanging with so many questions, but eagerly anticipating for the answers that Lois and Superman will no doubt discover. Although, there is a hint at a certain Cyborg, and what his connection to this mystery remains to be seen.

The artwork by Stephen Segovia and Patch Zircher are done exemplary well. The pages and panel layouts flow smoothly from one page to the next, advancing the plot visually. There is no fighting being displayed, only investigation and intrigue, yet despite the lack of action, they make the story look.visually stunning and as engaging as the story itself. Zircher and Thirbert’s inkwork are solid and sharp, making the figures bold. Arif Prianto’s colors do their job at making everything from the Fortress of Solitude, to the Daily Planet look radiant and beautiful. Rob Leigh’s letter work serves the story and dialogue well.

This is a good start to an otherwise mystery that invites a lot of questions but is surely giving promise for the desired answers that surround Big Blue, his wife and the Doppelganger. Definitely a pickup for this week, it’s been a solid run thus far, and this issue lives up to it.

Anthony Andujar Jr.

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