What would happen if all the animals in the world ‘woke up’ and became sentient?

This is the premise of animosity and the answer is basically that they would be mightily peed off and try to kill us all! This comic doesn’t wait to jump straight into the action with a fantastic scene of an exterminator being attacked by rats screaming at him coming in the first few pages.

Obviously, not all animals will want to kill us and this is shown by the love that pet dog Sandor has for his owner Jessie and how he goes the extra mile to protect her, even taking on a tiger to keep her safe.

Few comics have peaked my interest so much so quickly as this comic has,  its unique story and the repercussions of it are fascinating as in later issues the animals rise up with their own military and everything! It is definitely one to read and one that I find myself itching to get my hands on the next issue with a few other good comics coming from aftershock studios in the near future.

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