This whole 150-page comic was created by an art student who graduated with a BFA, participated in her exhibitions and gained work experience at a New York gallery. However, Lauren Purje created a comic which reveals the life of an artist.

Lauren Purje created tons of comic strips, and it’s about how their life as an artist turns out to be. However, things have turned a bit hard for them as an artist because being an artist is not that so easy to accomplish. I guess this is a story for all the artists in the art world to see how they handle things in a way if they should take it seriously. The story captures some moments when things turn out for the better or worse because some artists think that way but they kept going and never gave up. Either way, this comic is a must read for readers and artists whenever they get lost in life. Also, it captures any cuteness and comedy, even slice of life behind the story.

My reflection to this comic is that whenever I read this, it almost reminded about my experience as an artist, either as problems and progressing, but it also reminds me about how much I have done everything in the past as an artist. There’s an idea that people tend to live their lives that way, as for artists some people like Lauren lives in their whole world of themselves either if it happens in real life. The art style is more cute and easy to understand for readers and artists out there. However, Lauren’s story and the art style is almost turned into some Sunday newspapers comic strips like Garfield, Peanuts, Marmaduke, Mickey Mouse, etc. But this whole story and art is much more easier to understand the life of an artist when you’ll become one and what challenges await you. This comic book is a must buy and I promise that this comic will actually worth your time.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.