It’s a rare night off for The Spirit as the only death is a homeless man who appears to have died from exposure, no case here it seems.

Eb spends his evening off with his cousin who is back in town after being away for a while. Eb doesn’t realize but his cousin is rather dodgy and not as ‘on the level ‘ as he seems especially when his ‘friend’ drives up and makes him get in the car.

Something is definitely going on with the homeless man’s death as two mysterious figures turn up at the morgue and take the body before it can be autopsied. The same mysterious figure kidnaps Ebs cousin after a robbery gone wrong.

The Spirit may not get his quiet night off after all if he manages to connect the disappearances to whatever nefarious gang is taking them and stops their plan.

A really cool comic with a real retro feel to it the cover is classic Spirit and the artwork inside is classic noir imagery with the splashes of colour looking slick set against the darkness of the city.