Thoughts From A Scot: 11 New Comics That you Totally Should Be Reading

I have previously written a list of comics that are either completed or have been going for ages to binge read so here is one for the opposite end of […]

I have previously written a list of comics that are either completed or have been going for ages to binge read so here is one for the opposite end of the scale, the ones that are either brand new out or pretty close to the start for those that like to jump in from the beginning!

1. Cannibal (Image)

We all know the story an infection causes people to turn into mindless zombies who crave human flesh! But what if they don’t?? This infection doesnt turn them mindless, yeah they crave human flesh but they are totally aware they do and still have all the intelligence and skills they have always had and can choose who they end up eating!! To me thats far scarier than any zombie and it leads to a brilliant comic!

2. Sink (Comix Tribe)

The first of two comics found on Kickstarter where you can help get them published. Sink is based in Glasgow, Scotland and features urban myths and tales from the area. Its a really full on experience with nothing held back and some darker humour mixed in with even darker violence. Their hashtag says it all #getinthevan

3. Morgans Organs (Kickstarter)

The second comic from Kickstarter and this one highlights the goings on in a body from the perspective of the organs, along the lines if the film inside out but for a very adult audience. Issue one deals with the brain and the penis fighting over a no sex decree that the brain has implemented and leads to some pretty akward encounters Its really funny and well worth a hunt down.

4. Animosity (Aftershock)

If animals could talk what would they say? Well apparantly they would say that we need to die!! In Animosity all the animals ‘wake up’ and become sentient which leads to them wanting the death of their oppressors (us)! There are some who love humans and are willing to protect them as all out war breaks out between animals and humans. The comic follows one girl and her pet dog as they try to find a safe place to live in all the madness that surrounds them

5. Curse Words (Image)

Wizards are not only real but one of them is living in New York, and he is badass! Selling magic to the highest bidder and living the life of a rockstar but wizards from his home world are coming for him and in turn us and he is gonna try and save us! Pretty cool comic, great unique idea and really well drawn I loved issue 1

6. The Fix (Image)

Crime doesnt pay but it can if you just happen to be the detectives investigating the crime you just committed! Really cool comic following a pair of detectives who not only uphold the law but also break it every chance they get! And as each character gets introduced they just get more and more mental, my particular favourite is Donovan who is just amazing!!

7. Savage (Valiant)

Then, a footballer and his family survive a plane crash only to end up on a mysterious island
Now, a badass little kid takes on a gang of killers and dinosaurs, yup DINOSAURS!! Brilliant comic and a real unique idea for this four part run and will be interesting to see where they go when it returns. What can be better than taking on dinosuars!

8. Turncoat (Tpub)

Duke is a hitman who is employed solely to kill superheroes, Duke isnt very good at it!His ex wife is and steals his targets all the time which really winds him up. I think its been out online for a while now but is now available to buy as a collection and is well worth it as its pretty funny and Duke is the perfect oblivious sap sorry I mean hero for this story

9. Ether (Dark Horse)

A mixture of science and fantasy as Boone travels to between worlds and uses science to solve problems. Really funny bits and some messed up ideas and the look of the Ether is just remarkable

10. Ladycastle (Boom! Studios)

A medieval tale but these are no damsels in distress, after all the men in the village are killed its the women who step up and run things. Brilliant idea that really turns it on its head and I cant wait to see how they handle things

11. Dead Inside (Dark Horse)

Detective Caruso investigates crimes that are comitted inside a prison and her most recent one is a doozy!! Murder suicide but not all is as it seems and everyone seems to want to cover it up. Brilliant comic full of twists and turns that keep you from figuring out just what the hell they are hiding.

That’s it these 11 comics are ones I have found recently that have really made me think wow that’s cool! Hopefully, you like them too.

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A 34 year old manchild from Scotland, bravely fighting the on going war between a love of comics and space to keep them. Boxes are filling and thanks to the digital age we live in so is the harddrive! I love finding a new comic to obsess over and rediscovering old comics to immerse myself in from the very first issue. A healthy mix of the seven dwarves of geekdom all wrapped up in one kilted bundle of amusement