Comic Review: Justice League of America #4 (DC Comics)

The Extremist’s arc, the first story arc of JLA has come to a satisfying end. With Lord Havok at the peak of his power, the die is cast and the […]

The Extremist’s arc, the first story arc of JLA has come to a satisfying end.

With Lord Havok at the peak of his power, the die is cast and the revolution for the people of Kravia with the assistance of the Justice League of America commence. The Justice League of America faces off against Lord Havok, Sheild, Thundering and Axe and all. Will the Justice League finally bring Kravia liberation, will Lord Havok’s reign truly end? And what happened to Lord Havok’s home world and what ramifications will spiral out foreshadowing future implications for the rest of the JLA?

Steve Orlando has proven that this specific Justice League of America series is the worthwhile title that not only makes allegorical acknowledgment of what’s happening in the world of today (2017) but also attempts to give a human lense on themes concerning foreign issues, security and parallel goals that ideologically clash in regards to approach. While Steve Orlando doesn’t ham fist the issues, he does a clever way of making reference loosely, to reflect the kind of world we live in today. Orlando doesn’t go overtly political, but he doesn’t shy away of lightly touching on some of the subject matter neither. He makes great use of it to give the narrative plot grounded in relatable reality due to its subtextual themes.

The plot is tight, and solid, and is a huge improvement over the two issues prior. Not that the two issues prior wasn’t great, they were good, but it wasn’t as engaging in terms of conflict until the rising conflict reached its apex in this issue. I continue to enjoy Orlando’s sparingly use of Batman. He doesn’t overuse him and make him into ‘Bat-god’. His writing of Batman makes him feel as though Batman is actually a human being that doesn’t always prevail over everything on his own. Which gives the comic balance with the other characters in the book. Lobo, Canary, Vixen, Killer Frost and The Ray all had large spotlight and some standout moments and dialogue that made them feel essential as actual members of the team instead of being background players.

Ivan Reis returns to finish what he started and his artwork is executed beautifully. Each character, fight, layout, and scenes are laid out wonderfully and executed well. Scott Hanna’s and Joe Prado’s inks compliment Reis’s pencils making it just as fluid throughout the book. Marcelo Majolo’s colors are rendered nicely and give the book flair. This is a worthwhile conclusion and a worthwhile Justice League title to read with an actual direction that drives the series forward. Definitely, check it out..

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