Shadows fate is played out during a game of checkers and it’s not the greatest outcome.

Shadow and Czernborg decide to have a little wager on their checkers game. If Shadow wins Czernborg has to help Mr. Wednesday in his mission and If Shadow loses Czernborg gets to cave his head in with a hammer. Mixed results end up with both winning a game so both having to go through with the deal which seems a little one-sided. During the night Shadow wakes to be confronted with the third sister who had previously been sleeping,  they climb to the roof and she tells him a little about their history and she gives him a little protection after he threw the other charm away.

We are then treated to a tale from the journals of Mr. Ibis. A tale of a young girl from Cornwall who due to some bad choices and worse men in her life ends up being transported to the new world as punishment for her wrongdoings. She convinces the ships to captain to bring her back as his wife and all goes well until her past rears its head and yet again she finds herself on a ship to the new world bringing with her the belief in the piskies and therefore bringing the piskies to America

I love the concept of gods being brought to America and slowly losing their followers and being abandoned in a strange land and how they cope/ assimilate themselves into their new surroundings