DC Comics brings you a prequel of the Batman comics to have Gotham City Garage on its first chapter of this issue.

The story is very dark from any other Batman comics that you ever read, but this comic would provide even darker Batman story that you will ever read before in your life. However, the whole city of Gotham is in ruin and the story jumps to the future when the world is at stake.

If you guys whether want to see Batman in action? Guess again, this book has an army of Robo Batmans on the line to take some innocent people down. However things could have been worse for the corrupted Batmans, the world has almost destroyed and left into a wasteland. Just until everyone lived in The Garden right in the middle of nowhere and mentioned as the last city on earth. Kara Gordon is living along with her life and with her father, but there’s something odd with the town and probably makes her feel uncomfortable around town. However, the people don’t even have any emotions like any normal human being would have. None of them were human, but now they act like androids out of nowhere. Lex Luthor probably build the city just to have these people a better way to live peacefully. The city is now corrupted, however, Kara controlled them from a device that can give orders to the androids, even the Robo Batmans, but she escaped the city for her own safety. Who will save her now? The Suicide Squad or the Batman’s?

This is nothing of a Batman story that I’ve read because you can see that Gotham’s Dark Knight was duplicated into killer androids built by Lex Luthor to do their bidding. The city is more corrupted than Donald Trump’s rules in America because as a corrupted town of Gotham was in ruins, every other town in this world has turned into a wasteland. In the end, the Suicide Squad makes a dramatic entrance at the end of the page in one short comic book issue which leaves no importance until the next issue.

Ok, let me get through with this, the actual fictional city of Gotham where Bruce Wayne lives was destroyed a long time ago by some evil dictator who wants to take over the world. However, Wonder Woman shows up and took on the Android like Batmans, and everyone thought that is nothing but a dream. Kara Gordon felt uncomfortable living in Lex Luthor’s world and decided to escape and met the Suicide Squad.

For one short comic, the story seemed to be taking Gordon as the main character of the comic, and somehow the world has turned upside down. And somehow, the whole story would be about Wonder Woman and the Suicide Squad from the beginning because how come the main protagonist of DC universe, Batman would turn against these people. I don’t know what to say, but if you rather read any even darker Batman comics, then this one is for you.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.

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