The JLA continue the search for Ray Palmer as part 2 of the Panic in the Microverse continues!

The JLA have entered the Microverse and stumble across Preon, a figure who happens to possess the Bio-Belt of Ray Palmer. As Ryan Choi (The Atom), Killer Frost, Batman, and Lobo investigate the whereabouts of Palmer’s disappearance, the Members that remain outside of the Microverse face an assault from a mysteriously unknown assailant. Things are starting to breakdown and suspicions arise as the League is faced with assaults from two different fronts. The JLA are running out of time to find Ray Palmer, the Microverse is decaying at a rapid rate, can Choi and the League find and recover Palmer, or are they too late? Who is the assailant that attacked Black Canary and The Ray? Who is behind these attacks?

Orlando is starting to rattle the cages of the League and their separated ranks and it’s entertaining. Although, the most interesting part is centered within the realm of the Microverse. Seeing Choi, Killer Frost, Batman and Lobo being cautious and skeptical of Preon and the following developments that come after provides good anticipation and mystery to the plot. It’s always enjoyable to see Orlando handle Lobo and seeing how Lobo reacts to the Microverse is entertaining and unexpected. There are some cool character moments between Choi and Killer Frost, and it feels like a nice natural progression and development between the two characters despite my initial skepticism in the beginning of this series. But as it progressed, I was able to organically learn to care for these two characters and feel that it’s an earned moment between those two. Although, since this is comics, Lord only knows how long such a thing like that between characters can last. Am I being vague? Of course!!! It’s something to leave for the readers to discover on their own despite my opinion. With that said, there is some cool action set pieces and scenes that continue to make this a fun title to read. I like that Orlando gives attention to other characters because he can easily make this a full on Batman and Lobo series. But thankfully he doesn’t fall into that trap and allows for characters to have their own distinct moments that allow for them to stand on their own. The story for this issue is solid and much more stronger since it’s sinking its teeth into the thick of things concerning Ray Palmer and his whereabouts.

Ivan Reis is just great as always on the pencils. He just knows how to compose good compositions, layouts, gutters and all with ease. While it’s not like his work on Green Lantern during his time on Geoff John’s legendary run, it’s still strong and solidifies the overall aesthetic of the story. Reis easily executes the visual narrative helping the story flow enjoyable. Ferreira’s inks and Maiolo’s colors boost Reis’s pencils with the right of energy and execution.

This is a Justice League series that is worthwhile reading and this issue is an example of that. It’s a fun issue with some fun moments and some interesting twists. Definitely, pick this one up and see for yourself. It’s a worthwhile JLA series that you won’t find in the main Justice League books as of late.

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.