Comic Review: War for the Planet of the Apes #2 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios release a Sci-Fi nostalgic movie that currently turned into a comic book on its second issue of War for the Planet of the Apes. So it comes to […]

BOOM! Studios release a Sci-Fi nostalgic movie that currently turned into a comic book on its second issue of War for the Planet of the Apes.

So it comes to this, from the recent movie of “Planet of the Apes” the artist and the writers take this story to the next level. Does humanity ever try to get along with the apes? It’s human evolution everybody! There are some ways that the monkeys were treated the humans as guinea pigs and so on. But if these things weren’t enough for the story then brace yourselves.

This comic is a prequel to the actual Fox film of “War for the Planet of the Apes”, and I would guess that there’s a side story from the movie that we never got into yet. The humans and the apes had waged war on each other and none of them survived. Even though San Francisco was in ruins and somehow the humans faced a threat, much greater than ever encountered. But now as we see, the civilization was evacuated from San Francisco to find some refuge. Life is strange in their world surrounded by monkeys, the apes were 100 times smarter than humans and as a matter of fact, the apes were more of a mutated intellect creatures, but they can also have the ability to speak to. The humans destroyed their home and the apes were trying to find a better place to live for them because there’s no mistaking that the humans are planning to declare a war once again. So far, the apes are a threat more than humans can do, but the point is the apes and humans fought against each other just for the taking, but the apes want to conquer earth more than any human can have. Does it have what it takes to survive and stand alive until the end?

For once, I have never watched Planet of the Apes before, and not even the current version. But there are so many stories that had been spawned over decades. But somehow the apes are doing on an experiment to the human on the late 60s, then there are many other sequels related to the movie. But now, the humans and the apes are on a brink of war in this year’s movie. But when the comic book of the actual movie released last month, I gotta say the story is something else because what has done to the story is that there are many things that people don’t know about from the movie to the prequel. Even though, many people had fled from San Francisco just to hide somewhere in order to prepare their counter attack to the apes. The artist illustrates very well, even though the characters looked even more serious and terrified for the reason about the attack. However, the artists made the concept of the art very well, even though the whole characters and the perspectives of the buildings were a bit more realistic, so as the apes. So for some reason, the movie and the comic is all bloodshed for the humans fighting against the apes. It’s a great comic and probably it would be memorable than the past films from over the decades.

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