Curse words continue to go from strength to strength this issue as Sizzajee keeps up his attack on our world.

Margaret is beginning to realize something is up with the way Wizord is recharging his powers but Wizord seems to be regressing more and more into how he was when he first crossed over from the whole world. Ruby Stitch, however, is struggling with the adjustment but finds help in an unlikely place. Back on the whole world, the competition heats up and lovers come to blows all in the name of Sizzajee.

I love the look of this comic the colours and detail in the artwork is amazing and the steampunky design of the Hole World is something to behold. The writing is even better with the story drawing you in with tension, humour, and plenty of action I mean how can you not love a talking platypus! The finale of this issue shows that the next wave of attack from the Hole World means business and makes an impact from the get-go, will this be the one who wins it for Sizzajee?