The aftermath of THAT press conference weighs heavy in Harley’s mind this issue but how will it impact her Mayoral chances?

Its time for Harley’s next step in her campaign and for it she needs Ivy’s help. Yet again her plans divide opinion, it’s never plain sailing for Harley but it seems to be swaying in her favour much to Mayor Depertos ever growing disappointment. His ego bites off a little more than he can chew this issue as he makes the mistake of crossing Scarecrow and we get to enjoy his worst nightmare come to life.

When the Scarecrows toxin takes affect the artwork goes dark, quick, it really emphasizes the fear going through the victim with the toxic swirls surrounding the panels and the black background contrasting the bright colours you really feel for them (well some of them). With Scarecrow failing to stop Harley Deperto has to go even more extreme with his plans, will this attempt work?

Outwith the race Harleys, life is pretty good, she’s happy, she has Mason and they are discussing a future together which I don’t think either had planned to happen. Even though I feel for poor Red Tool it’s nice to see Harley in a happy place but how long can it last?