Comic Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #4 (BOOM! Studios)

The intensive battle action series continues on Go Go Power Rangers on its fourth issue where the front cover shows that Rita’s monster grew by using her black magic to […]

The intensive battle action series continues on Go Go Power Rangers on its fourth issue where the front cover shows that Rita’s monster grew by using her black magic to take a dump to the Power Rangers.

From the looks of it, Saban’s gives zero fucks to the fans and readers to know that this comic keeps getting flashbacks to the teenagers. What’s the point anyway, Rita Repulsa’s already awakened, why did you need these flashbacks for? If they don’t know how these teenagers had their lives that way before her awakening, why not give us some background to the characters first?! Sorry for the argument, without further due, let’s continue.

Since the city faces a great peril by Rita’s monster, Matt got injured from that monster to protect Kimberly, the Power Rangers finally takes some action but even if they want to take down Rita’s monster, they need Jason to defeat them. However, Kimberly leaves Matt to have some mystery woman to take him to the hospital, but she seems suspicious for all the search for the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Rita plans to make her monster grow into a Godzilla by throwing her staff like crazy to earth, EVERY FUCKING TIME!! How did she get her staff back? Did her staff teleport back to her? Nothing makes sense, even if it’s necessary when she and her monsters are in a pinch. The Zyurangers series didn’t know what to do if Bandora throws her staff like that to the ground. So anyway the monster grew more than 10 times in size and then the Rangers summoned their Guardians Beasts but unfortunately they need Jason to transform into Megazord. They tried to keep him busy until Jason gets out of his shithole and join the battle, but Billy shot the power station pylons to give Jason a chance to get out. And finally, they transformed into Megazord this time, just to defeat that monster.

It may not look like some every other Power Rangers episodes that you’ve watched, but I didn’t expect any of this coming from some stupid flashbacks and some amazing battle on this comic. So after all the battle and the drama going on, Zack and Zordon were discussing their progress in battle, even though if Jason wasn’t there to defeat the monster, the whole city would be destroyed by Rita’s hands. But if he makes a mistake again, it’s game over. Whoever, the terror is not over yet, until the Rangers would find that suspicious woman who kidnapped Matt instead of taking him to the hospital.

Again, I never really expected to see and read about this latest issue, because no one, I mean no one would ever take someone as hostages on the Power Rangers series. But on the Zyurangers, Witch Bandora only takes the children as hostages and bait for the Rangers. And how would you explain the fact that Rita/Bandora throws her staff down to earth? How does every part of the Power Rangers series system work?! Rita throws her own staff to the ground to grow, Lord Zed throws a mysterious sphere too, but the DaiRangers, the villains don’t throw their spheres from outer space but they have in their sleeves the whole time, nothing makes sense. And as for that matter, Angel Grove started to make some kind of Power Rangers fan club or something, but how do Bulk and Skull try to find a way to identify the Power Rangers in the first place. This whole drama, and all that jazz, I don’t know what to say. But what will Rita do next with Matt? Does she plan to turn him into a green ranger like Burai or Tommy, or does she want to poison him? I don’t know there some things that can’t be explained until the next issue comes.

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