Genuinely one of the best comic series I have ever read, utterly ridiculous and just fantastic

I mean where else could the bad guy be encased in an impenetrable super suit only to be defeated by a flusher that literally flushes him out of the suit lol. The story is reaching its conclusion in this issue but can Shirtless defeat Logger and save the forest in time?

This comic has me in stitches with the corniest bear puns around from his bear plane to the bearamedics they are brilliantly groaning inducing especially as they kind of sneak up on you. It would be a good comic even if it was just puns but its so much more, the storyline is genuinely moving and properly thought out and the fights are epic, this issue has a final face-off between Shirtless and Brother Bear that can easily compete with the greatest fight scenes ever. His faceoff against Logger, not so much!

A return cameo of one of the weirdest freakiest characters iv seen is a nice wee throwback and adds to the aceness of the issue. I really hope that there are far more issues and stories planned for Shirtless as it would be a damn shame not to read loads more