Comic Review: Justice League #3 (DC Comics)

As Superman, Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Hawkgirl investigate the realm of the Totality, the rest of the Justice League are ambushed by Green Lantern, John Stewart!! Infected by the primal […]

As Superman, Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Hawkgirl investigate the realm of the Totality, the rest of the Justice League are ambushed by Green Lantern, John Stewart!!

Infected by the primal energy of the Invisible Spectrum, Green Lantern lashes out! As Superman and Martian Manhunter make their way, they stumble upon a force that is not meant to be unleashed.

Can Superman and Martian Manhunter last long enough in the Totality before they, along with Batman and Hawkgirl become infected? What is Lex Luthor planning? Can the league restore Green Lantern’s sanity before he destroys them all?

This issue continues to push the interest of this book even further than the last issue. Snyder introduces some interesting concepts that add another level of world building that was built upon by writers such as Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and others before him. Adding another spectrum that is an extension of the emotional spectrum of the lantern corps is an interesting concept. Along with other forces that are also mentioned within this issue, it makes for new plot devices that could provide some promising content that readers will love. But that’s not the main focus of this issue and why it’s so good.

Snyder does a fantastic job at bringing together the cast of characters and making great chemistry and exchanges between each of the leaguers. Admittedly, the dialogue is a little shaky in regards to Lex Luthor a bit. And that’s probably due to the odd transition of Lex going from being hero to returning to his supervillain roots. Yet despite the little oddities, it doesn’t take away from the fun and action that accompany the story of this issue. There are some interesting pieces within the story display new developments in regards to concepts such as the invisible spectrum and its connection to the events that occur within the book. Or more or less the invisible spectrum and its connection to a specific character that discovered it long ago.

Snyder does a good job at connecting all of these different plot devices and bridging them together into a fitting dilemma that make it problematic for the heroes, but enjoyable to the readers! I think what makes this book great so far is that it feels like there is actual direction compared to the other main Justice League title that came out prior during the rebirth line. So it’s refreshing to read a Justice League book that feels like it knows the kind of story it’s trying to tell without losing any enthusiasm and development. Basically, much like this issue, it makes readers look forward to the next issue!

Jorge Jimenez! What more can be said about his art! It’s just amazing and extremely fitting for a title such as Justice League! Every page, every panel, every environment, and character is drawn magnificently! They all look uniquely different in facial feature and body type. And every scene in every panel is just as strong as the prior. Jimenez is a beast with the pencils and the inks in this issue.

If there is one page that I feel that truly captures how great of an illustrator that he is, it would have to be page 18! A single page, it’s not even a double page spread, yet it invokes just as much atmosphere and power as another page that’s drawn by Jimenez. And that kind of power in the illustration is accomplished further with the beautiful color work of Alejandro Sanchez. Combined with a beautiful balance of Tom Napolitano lettering making the art and dialogue feel perfectly balanced.

This issue of Justice League just feels perfectly packaged as an all in all comic book. It feels grand and looks just as grand. Snyder, Jimenez and the crew do a fantastic job on this issue, making the story exciting and the overall plot and art enjoyable. I definitely recommend this issue along with the first two issues. Add this to your pull list! Seriously! If there is any book from DC that you should be reading, that has a definite direction, this is one of them!

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