What Lies Ahead for 007?

With the production of the latest James Bond film coming to a complete standstill, fans are speculating what will happen to one of the world’s most famous franchises. Just recently, […]

With the production of the latest James Bond film coming to a complete standstill, fans are speculating what will happen to one of the world’s most famous franchises.

Just recently, The Atlantic revealed that director Danny Boyle left the latest Bond project due to creative differences. Boyle, who had won an Academy Award for Slumdog Millionaire, was tapped up by the studio to direct and co-write the film. Because of this arrangement, Boyle’s departure meant the script left with him. Instead of looking for a replacement, Studio MGM and production company Eon announced that they are prepared to delay shooting and have the script rewritten. Production was initially scheduled to begin in December to accommodate a November 2019 release.

All in all, this 25th Bond entry is slated to be actor Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as 007. Craig has often stated in interviews how he was no longer comfortable portraying the iconic character. It’s worth noting that the actor starred in some of the best James Bond movies of all time. For instance, The New York Times’ review of Casino Royale praised how the film revitalized the long-running series by introducing a grittier, more serious James Bond. This set the tone for the rest of the Craig movies that followed, and though some of them were arguably misses, they have undoubtedly set the bar high for the next “changing of the guard.”

The Bond franchise should certainly be given credit for successfully adapting itself to modern times, having brought 007 to life on screen since 1962. For one, the agent’s fighting styles have changed over the years. A long form article published by Lottoland entitled ‘How to Fight Like James Bond’ explores some fighting trends that were featured in the older films. For instance, Roger Moore’s Bond was particularly adept at hand-to-hand combat, often utilizing the then famous “judo chop.” In the 1990s, there was a preference for guns; hence the franchise saw Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan using more weapons. The gun trend died out in the 2000s, giving way to Craig’s Krav Maga martial arts scenes.

However, while audiences embraced the new direction for the series, former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan feels that the new films lacked a sense of humor. Even though Brosnan’s run was commonly considered the silliest Bond era, you can’t deny that humor was a fundamental part of the series’ identity for several decades. After all, it is famous for spawning cheesy one-liners, over-the-top villains, and ridiculous character names.

There is no confirmed announcement yet regarding who will take on the mantle after Craig steps down, although Idris Elba’s name often comes up. However, the Luthor actor firmly shut down the rumors, much to the dismay of fans. Tom Hardy is another popular candidate, having been vouched for by Brosnan himself. The Mad Max: Fury Road actor had his own real-life Bond moment when he caught a teenager stealing a motorbike in London. Another fan favorite is Henry Cavill, who has proven his skills in espionage in the underrated spy film The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Though he would have big shoes to fill, the Man of Steel actor has said in interviews that he is very much up for the challenge.

Although 007’s onscreen future is currently uncertain, the famous British spy is enjoying a renewed interest in print. Dynamite Entertainment revealed a new comic book series called James Bond Origin, which seeks to explore James Bond’s exploits during World War II. The series debuted this fall.

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