With Rumors Swirling Around The Exits Of Actors In The DCEU, It’s Time For The Heroines To Step Up

OK, I may be one of the few but I actually liked the DCU movies and actors who played them recently. I found myself going in with an open mind […]

OK, I may be one of the few but I actually liked the DCU movies and actors who played them recently. I found myself going in with an open mind and not expecting the world from DC and I didn’t leave room to be disappointed.

Sure I could pick every movie apart but then again what movie could we not? With that being said maybe the shakeup needs to begin by moving in a different direction. Everyone likes to compare the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to each other. Problem is they are very different. MCU was meant to be lighthearted fun with action mixed in. DCEU got a late jump and tried to be gritty and dark. The latter didn’t work for most comic fans, and the rush to put Justice League out lacked the substance needed to have fans stand behind the characters. Bottom line mixing two different directors just didn’t work either.

My feeling on the MCU is that Avengers was their swan song. Sure buying Fox brought home a huge chunk of their universe, however, Infinity War is not going to be topped no matter how many reboots you make.

OK. OK. So what’s your point you ask. A small shakeup is all that is needed. Instead of doing 2 Joker movies, Stand alone Batman movie, is Batfleck in and out, now Cavill may no longer don the red cape it is too much BS and fans are becoming frustrated even more. This leads to those wanting to be disappointed just so they can say see told you it is going to be bad. DCEU maybe it’s time for the Dark Knight, and The Man of Steel to hang up their capes and make room for the heroines of the universe.

There is a much-needed break from disappointment. Which brings me to my point Wonder Woman was considered a box office success to the point that we got a green light for the sequel Wonder Woman 1984. This could justify a new step in a different direction, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey from the DCU, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, And a couple standalone X-Men female movies. We could also pull a list from other comic sources but I think this speaks volumes for itself. Put away the capes, let Batman, and Superman rest for some time. Rethink the strategy before bringing them back and let the Women of DCU and MCU run the big screens for a while. If you starve the animal eventually they will become hungry again. I also think the women should no longer take a back seat to our heroes and deserve equal time. Who knows they could become the faces of the universes.

Although the universes are bringing in more characters such as Captain Marvel, Shazam, and Aquaman DCEU is still trying to compete with MCU well here’s your chance. Start over, give the guys and fans a break and do it right next time create a story about our favorite characters that fans can relate to instead of rushing out half-assed movies full of dribble and darkness. By God find some decent writers such as Scott Snyder. His run of Batman was by far one of my favorites to date. I for one would love a Snyder style movie of Batman.

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