From the Sandman Universe, Lucifer is a pretty awesome interpretation of the devil.

The artwork alone is superb with it switching colour schemes between elsewhere and now to show the different plights of the characters, Detective Decker is going through the mill, his wife is dying which leads him on a road that can not end well but then the comic is called Lucifer so it was never going to be sunshine and rainbows I suppose. The constant threat lurking in the background at almost every turn adds to the tension as Decker uncovers the whereabouts of Robert, his wife’s cousin.

I love Lucifer, him announcing his achievements and various names he has been known by that strike fear into the hearts of people while being fussed over and forced to eat his breakfast is hilarious. You can feel the frustration emanating from him as he looks like going stir crazy from being locked away in ironically his own personal hell.

A few really cool touches make this issue even better, his interaction with the ‘Two’ shows he hasn’t lost his evil streak while the performers are awesome with what looks like Robert Johnson on guitar I really loved that. A brilliant comic that complements the rest of the universe perfectly