Comic Review: Dragon Age: Deception #1 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics releases an all-time EA fantasy role-playing game of Dragon Age: Deception on its first issue. To be fair, I’m surprised how the Dragon Age series escalated to […]

Dark Horse Comics releases an all-time EA fantasy role-playing game of Dragon Age: Deception on its first issue.

To be fair, I’m surprised how the Dragon Age series escalated to turn from a video game to some products like comic books and toys. But never expected to have a comic like this. However, this video game series is like the cousin of the Final Fantasy XI and XIV and mixed with the Assassin’s Creed series just to have this. I do remember having that game before, but I’m no fan of MMORPGs. It was the day before Christmas when I was a teenager, I was sitting on my ass, minding my own business play with my Xbox 360 when my sister gave me the Dragon Age video game as a Christmas gift. The game was simultaneously developed as an online game other than Monster Hunter, and this game is balanced in a way, but difficult to follow. It’s much more like playing Dark Souls on crack, the game was good but then I get bored quickly because there are some other great RPGs that I would play for that. So anyway let’s move on with the comic.

Dragon Age: Deception focuses on a different story rather than playing and experiencing the past Dragon Age games, there’s a woman named Olivia Pryde who once was an actress and now she lives by the con. And came to The Tevinter City of Ventus just to find someone, but these people have so many roles to play dressing as a con just to seek out for mysteries, but then war is at hand and no one knows when they will raid in the city. Well, there’s not much to say, this is just an ordinary adventure just like the game, but going and talk to people about what’s going on with the town, whether is it in danger, or someone needed help.

The last thing I would go is the artwork, I noticed on the cover of the book that the illustration is amazing, and somehow it feels like a game trailer poster for the next game, there are weapons drawing in a circle, but what I don’t understand is that weapon on the top middle of the wooden staff and a mace. I mean it’s almost shaped like a key but an ax, and what does it look like? Master Xehanort’s Keyblade? And apparently why is it called Tevinter City of “Ventus?” V-Ve-Ventus? Really? I mean, come on what’s next, does some demon army or a serious work of art called “Vanitas?”Whoever wrote this kind of story must be a fan of Kingdom Hearts because who knows whether this person can come up with something, maybe the author is probably building a connection from game to another game. I guess Shinji Hashimoto and Tetsuya Nomura would have a word with that or maybe if Ventus would conquer the X-Blade and stab Xehanort in his heart, then destroy the weapon and his heart, then none of all of this would ever happen in the future Kingdom Hearts games, ha ha ha… just kiddin’, not yet. The art is much more Japanese like, but the art is made by some Argentine artist named Fernando Heinz Furukawa, it’s not simple to name something in Japanese, but despite his artwork going on, anyone would experience that the art is drawn more like Gurihuru from Avatar The Last Airbender graphic novels. His art is detailed, to begin with, even though if someone experienced by watching anime, the artist transformed to draw some characters that looked like it, but it’s all good. If you rather want to read another comic that is based on the video game, then this comic is just for you.

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