Oh, Bane is good! Not content with breaking Batman’s heart he is out to totally destroy him!

Was the Penguins tale in the last issue all a ploy? Did the Penguin know or is he simply a pawn as well? Is Batman going crazy? So. Many. Questions!

This has been an absolutely fantastic run of comics and it just keeps getting better and more encompassing as we delve deeper into Banes plan for The Bat and as Batman seemingly falls deeper and deeper into despair and insanity. Batman is losing control and I think I like it!

Banes plan has been a long time coming and he has had nothing to do but implement it, slowly and meticulously pushing Batman into himself while separating him from everyone that could help him away it really is a stroke of genius. My main question (of many) is does Batman realize? Is he playing along for the bigger endgame i menage is the worlds greatest detective or has his failed wedding thrown him off his game and he really is losing it? Either way, this is written and drawn amazingly well and I am along for the ride no matter what!

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