Dark Horse Comics brings you from your favorite Nintendo game of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild art book, but this time it’s “Creating a Champion.”

In all of the legends of the best video game in history. No game has ever burst so many fireworks as the latest Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch. Well no, not really because the festivities that I’d been is much more different than every game release that I’ve gone through since I was a high school student. But anyway, last year I reviewed the Art and Artifacts of Zelda, and I was amazed to have it for my collection, but the game is mostly like you’re having something to study for the art and the story itself. Ever since then, I was hoping for another Zelda art book to get it, and here it is, the holy grail of collectors of The Legend of Zelda. Well, perhaps I should sing the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin for this book. But this time, this book has the encyclopedia of the whole game, which includes the characters, the art and the history of the ‘Breath of the Wild’ world.

So without further ado, let’s get on with this massive encyclopedia lookin’ book of the game. The first thing that you’ll see around the book is how Nintendo collected the art illustrations made by Takumi Wada and mostly illustrated the art of the latest Legend of Zelda game as the presentation to the E3 2016 and the release of Nintendo Switch. If there’s the only thing that you had in mind when you see his illustration on the game or the poster, right? Well, no, those weren’t the only ones that Takumi drew, like the ones that he drew for a Twitter post and some other game magazines like the “Weekly Famitsu” magazine which seemed much convenient for Link to cross over time back to the past, the one thing I do like about this illustration is that Link is giving the Master Sword to the New Link. Well according to him, he wrote on the developer’s note: “I was concerned that an image of Link wearing a blue tunic wouldn’t make I clear that this was The Legend of Zelda. I wanted to make sure that many people as possible knew that a new Zelda was coming out, so I paired him with the iconic original Link for reference.” He wasn’t kidding, most of the game developers knew that they want to make a change for the game’s world even Link himself because the illustration represents that it’s a Link to the Past, and as for that, it showed such a nostalgic feel playing the past Zelda games to this one. And come to think of it, the game’s franchise has been up running for over 30 years, so this game could be the 30th anniversary of all time.

Creating a Champion Legend of Zelda art book is just only giving you a history lesson of the game, and for that, it included some character designs, illustrations, and more. Well, most of the characters were much like the ones from Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, the world of land and sea that are merging together to transform into this game, which I can think of. Playing that game is really a big world to follow, much more like Dragon Age or Monster Hunter, but this is much bigger, even so, the world that I’m creating is much more simple to create a world of the Earth and the heavens. If you wouldn’t know about the world of Breath of the Wild, then you’d probably have some catching to do while playing the game or reading this book. The weapons of the game like the Master Sword are not the only ones that Link has ever possess with his Hylian blood, but there’s a lot of different kinds of weapons that any Zelda fan can think of, they include the Japanese katanas, the broadswords, knives, spears, even weapons, shields and tools from the past Zelda titles. From experiencing from the past games, you’d find those weapons inside the treasure chest in every dungeon, but now it’s up for grabs and buying weapons and shields from an armory store from RPG games.

Also, the structure of the game is always in ruin, and it’s hard to tell where’s the Royal castle is located and Princess Zelda’s whereabouts. But the interior of the castle is amazing, almost like going over to the Belmont’s estate secret library from Castlevania on Netflix. I’ve never played that game before, but I want to know is that why is Hyrule is in ruins? Well, either way Ganon or Ganondorf wanted to have the Triforce and wishes to conquer its country, but I guess the country was involved in some calamity or should I say malevolence, maybe the towns, dungeons, and the temples are another thing, because there’s a big world out there are many amazing structures that you’ve experienced from the past games. And lastly, you have the story of the game itself, as if you’ve been looking up for a strategy guidebook, well I guess anyone should bring back Nintendo Power or the strategy guides from Prima just to have more of these in digital, maybe someday.

After going through with this massive collectors book, I’ve realized something, I rather have someone play the sound of opening a chest and getting an item, and raise this book up above like the text below and say “You found Creating a Champion book!” while throwing down that Fortnite dance who dances like some actor from Scrubs. In conclusion, this book is actually the best collectors book that any Zelda fan can ever possess. But getting the Art and Artifacts books is really good enough to get, this book is actually giving an encyclopedia of the whole game. It’s more like having a whole library of video game goods and store it in there, well more than that, every gamer knows that having a game room with a library is every gamer’s dream. For one good thing, if you rather want this book and learn about the game and the world so bad, then this collectors book is just for you.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.

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