Comic Review: Doomsday Clock #8 (DC Comics)

After the revelations of Dr. Manhattan’s return, and Ozymandias true face takes shape the pot is beginning to rupture. Secrets are beginning to rise to the surface as questions brew […]

After the revelations of Dr. Manhattan’s return, and Ozymandias true face takes shape the pot is beginning to rupture.

Secrets are beginning to rise to the surface as questions brew in regards to the large percentage of Metahumans being born in the USA. As the Superman theory is spread across the globe causing paranoia and hysteria, how will Superman respond?

What happened during the scuffle with Firestorm and the people’s heroes in Moscow?

The reveal of Firestorm’s incident Moscow was amazing and really displays the level of gravity that occurred when the event took place. It’s one thing to hear about it being loosely referenced and speculated every couple of issues, but it’s another thing when you as a reader is rewarded by witnessing what occurred. To be able to see just how bad the situation really is within the universe that this story takes place and the payoff of seeing things unfold is what makes each issue and its quality worth the wait. John’s is really giving readers a bit of a pay off for riding down this winding road of a story that has started as a slow burn but has been rapidly picked up steam as things started to click in place. This is a very Superman heavy issue, and rightfully so since a majority of the series by far focused more on the Watchmen characters and Batman. But now John’s gets to show the current state of affairs as told through the point of view of the DC Universe, most notably Superman. This issue is full of good social commentary that is as reflective as the world outside your window, especially when Black Adam discusses the use of modern journalism, media and gaslighting which makes this book feel very grounded regardless of the fantastic elements that its coated in. Yet it doesn’t take away from the mystery and the wonder that this book displays and that John’s expertly layers upon in his writing. It’s interesting seeing how John’s contrasts and compares the similarities that Superman and Black Adam represents as figures of power despite their different approaches to handling problems, showcasing what makes these characters unique and why they are important to Dr. Manhattan and to the story as a whole. There are a ton of surprises in this issue that makes it worth the price of admission to buy this book especially since readers get to see what was happening at the same time and after Dr. Manhattan came back into existence. It’s a really good mystery that continues to unravel as it goes along, and everything feels as though it is written how it was meant to be. Which I guess makes the delays that the series suffering all the more worth it. Honestly, this book will read better in trade (especially if the ending of the series is executed and received well) then it will be a great journey. But for now, given the delays, readers will have to be patient and thankful that despite it, that they’ll get their money’s worth, and not filler crap that contributes nothing to the story, in which this series so far has suffered none of that. Now with only 4 issues left, I am both anxious, nervous and excited to see how this series will wrap up.

There is something about the way Gary Frank illustrates Lois Lane, and I love it! I can’t think of who she may be possibly inspired by in regards to her appearance, but you can see every subtle expression she makes and how it matches the feeling the readers will get when reading this issue! The reveal of the events that unfold within this issue is amazing and really showcases Frank’s strengths in regards to subtlety. Gary Frank has been consistent throughout this series that it makes the delays worth seeing the artwork being perfect just as much as the story is. The events in Moscow that Frank illustrates is gonna be something to talk about for the final month of 2018!!!! And the colors by Anderson is the cherry on top of the well-crafted cake of art that Frank has cooked up for this issue!

There’s nothing else I need to say other than pick this issue up, this is worth the price of $4.99. If you want a comic that you’ll be going back and forth to where you find new clues as you retrace your steps, between the prior issues to present, then this series is it. It’s one of the few books that I recommend that is an enjoyable roller coaster ride that rewards you with twist and turns worth reading.

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