What’s Needed For A Batwoman TV Show

Batwoman appeared on the CW Elseworlds crossover and now she’s ready for the big time, but are you ready for her? The character of Batwoman has actually been around since […]

Batwoman appeared on the CW Elseworlds crossover and now she’s ready for the big time, but are you ready for her?

The character of Batwoman has actually been around since 1956 when she was added in an attempt to grow the supporting cast of Batman. She became a love interest as well, but that was mainly to combat the allegations of homosexuality. It was an unusual time. Eventually, she was murdered and erased from history, so Batman never knew of her.

Flashforward to 2006 and the comic book mini-series 52, Batwoman is reimagined and reborn. This time around Kate Kane is former West Point student that was outed as a lesbian and had to drop out instead of being able to serve her country. Inspired by Batman, she took up the identity of Batwoman. 

Seeing actress Ruby Rose portray her on TV was really cool. Of course, this has now lead to rumors of her getting her own show on the CW. I, for one, would love to see that happen. But for it to happen there are some things from the Batwoman mythos that need to be maintained in the show:


In the new incarnation of Batwoman, in her identity of Kate Kane, she is very much an out lesbian. Batwoman has become an important figure in the LGBTQ community. Plus with actress Ruby Rose being openly gay herself, I don’t think this will be an issue.


If you really want to get into it, if anyone has a lack of representation of themselves on TV is the Jews. There are really no Jewish main characters on TV. You can argue that the Goldbergs are, but they are just watered down. When the Goldbergs have Hanukah episode, then we can talk. But getting back to Batwoman, she is Jewish on her father’s side. And she’s proud of that heritage, so it’s extremely important to have this as part of her character on the show. 


He is the father of Kate and he helps her prepare for a different type of war. He is a colonel in the army and is able to equip Batwoman with all the tools she needs. Plus nothing like having your father watching your back.


Renee is a detective with the Gotham City police and former lover of Kate. Yes her character has appeared on Gotham, but really only the first season, so why no use her in a Batwoman TV show. She could be the scorned lover and at the same time Batwoman’s police liaison. It could make for interesting drama. 


In the comics, Bruno is the head of a criminal organization called Intergang. Traditionally a Superman villain, he did cross paths with Batwoman. This would make an excellent main villain for the series. 


Alice is the mistress in the Religion of Crime. She speaks in phrases from Alice In Wonderland. Now here’s where it gets interesting: In comics, Alice is actually Beth Kane, Batwoman’s “dead” twin sister. The producers could keep her as twin, which would be cool for Ruby Rose to play both characters, or just her sister so a different actress could play her. Either way, that’s true drama.


He is a shape-changing bodyguard for a criminal. He doesn’t necessarily see Batwoman as an enemy. Abbot kind of walks his own line. I don’t think you need to include the shape-changing, but it would be cool.

Now, these are just some suggestions, with an exception of the lesbian and Jewish characteristics. Those are a must. 

The way the CW shows are going, I feel there is room for a character like Batwoman there. Plus it’s a perfect way to add the Batman mythos to the Arrowverse.

Time with only tell what will happen.

Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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