Lois Lane gets her own comic run and boy does she kick it off with a bang.

Murder, political bombshells, equality and keeping secrets from Superman this comic hit the ground running and doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. The artwork is beautiful it really captures the grimy world of investigative journalism and gives it a real-world feel that makes me think that this is a comic that won’t be afraid to let bad things happen.

Lois certainly isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for the story with clandestine meetings in dodgy car parks, it could be the security of knowing that with one scream Superman would be there before you finished the word but I can’t help but think he would find himself in the doghouse for interfering to early. Lois is definitely a strong character and is dealing with a lot right now and dealing with it well, her reputation is marred after it looks like she cheated on Clark but she doesn’t let it stop her making waves for the white house and for seeing a story through by any means necessary.

This is going to be an exciting story to follow