Toy Review: Avengers: Endgame Hulk BAF Marvel Legends (Hasbro)

Hasbro gives us a second set of figures from Avengers: Endgame! This is seriously a great wave. As always, I love how Hasbro mixes movie characters with comic book characters. […]

Hasbro gives us a second set of figures from Avengers: Endgame!

This is seriously a great wave. As always, I love how Hasbro mixes movie characters with comic book characters. This is a great assortment.

Let’s take a look at the figures:

War Machine

I’m loving this design. He looks like a tank. Really cool. This figure really looks like the movie character. While he doesn’t come with a BAF piece, he does come with 2 arm canons and a shoulder gun. Nice movement on the guns as well. None of the articulation is hampered here. The metal has kind of dull finish which works well. Solid figure.

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We saw Pepper don the armor Tony built her at the climax of Endgame, she was never really called Rescue. The name comes from the comics when she wore it there. This a great figure. Nice paint apps. Rescue also comes with 2 “backpacks” to simulate the jets. One is closed, the other is open. You get the standard female articulation here. Not to nitpick, but I do kind of wish she came with a second head to see her face, but that’s not a deal breaker. Rescue comes with Hulk’s torso.

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Rock Python

Rock Python is a lesser known character, but this just adds another figure to build your Serpent Society collection. In the comics, he has rock hard skin and throws these egg things that have steel cable to bind his opponents. This is a perfect translation from comics to action figure. The paint apps are great. Rock Python comes with Hulk’s left arm.

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With the 2 Black Panther waves we didn’t get a Shuri figure so it’s nice to get one now. But this is my least favorite of the set. It really does look like actress Letitia Wright. Amazing detail. But here’s my problem, the arms are way too skinny. They look like sticks. Hasbro really could have done a better job here. She comes with 2 removable blasters that are easy to take on and off. She comes with Hulk’s left leg.

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Hasbro has given us Loki in his iconic look. I’m so happy to have this one. Let’s face it, Loki just looks awesome here. Hasbro really nailed Jack Kirby’s design down to a T. Nice detail. He comes with a sword for an accessory that fits into either hand. He comes with Hulk’s right leg.

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Beta Ray Bill

Hasbro used Bill latest costume for this figure and I love it. This is a solid figure. He stands a little taller than an average Marvel Legend. This is a really nice sculpt and the jaws on his mouth open and close. He comes with Stormbreaker. While the hammer does fit in either hand, the handle is a little on the thin side. It should be a little thicker. Bill comes with 2 heads for Hulk.

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Union Jack

This, by far, is my favorite from the set. Probably because Union Jack is one of my favorite characters. I wasn’t thrilled with the first time Hasbro did this figure, but this time they got him right. He comes with a gun and a knife, plus a belt holster to hold both weapons. Just an awesome job here. Union Jack comes with Hulk’s right arm

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Hulk Build-A-Figure

The Hulk we get this time is one merger of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. All the pieces connect without any issue and has all the points of articulation you expect. What I also like is the 2 different heads: one thinking and one smiling. It gives you a choice on how you want your Hulk to look. This was a great choice for the BAF

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This is a solid selection of characters in this wave. I was only disappointed with one of them so that’s not so bad. But seriously this is must for your collection!

Thank you so much for Hasbro for sending these to us to check them out!.

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