Comic Review: Detective Comics #1009 (DC Comics)

Batman fights crime in the dead of night, yet despite his nightly duties, he still has to contend with his responsibilities as Bruce Wayne. With plans to attend the Singapore […]

Batman fights crime in the dead of night, yet despite his nightly duties, he still has to contend with his responsibilities as Bruce Wayne.

With plans to attend the Singapore environmental conference, Bruce arranges to travel with Lucius Fox to show support. Yet despite the mundane activity, there are shadowy forces who have other plans. Who is behind this mysterious plot? What do they want with Bruce Wayne’s benefactors? What do they want with him? Can Bruce and company survive the trip to Singapore, or will they crash into flames?

It’s interesting how Tomasi has been writing Batman because readers of Batman know that he is a veteran Batman writer that understands the character very well. Especially when balancing his Identity as Batman, Bruce Wayne the man, and Bruce Wayne the billionaire facade that the character wears when attending business meetings for Wayne enterprises. Now obviously this issue doesn’t have too much going on, it still holds weight. Readers get to see Bruce Wayne out of the cowl and into the fire when placed in a predicament that he didn’t plan for, which makes it exciting to read about. There are shadowy forces at play, such as Deadshot being paid by a mysterious benefactor to ambush the Singapore summit that Bruce and Lucius Fox are attending. Although this is a new arc that is basically set up for the story, it’s still pretty entertaining. Readers get to see Batman when he isn’t being the usual militant man that pop culture has known him to be, but we also get to witness who he is in-between the dual identities as a man that has to balance between Vigilante and Playboy which is the major highlight for me in this issue. Despite the setup of the story, I couldn’t help but feel that in regards to the cover, there isn’t much that happens in relation to it other than set up for what is to come. Yet despite all of the usual action-packed action that tends to happen in Batman titles these days, this was alright.

In regards to the art department, Christian Duce’s Batman pages are a sight to behold. They’re full of dynamism, grit, and power. There is a great splash page of Batman that is truly poster-worthy but that’s not what makes the book interesting. What’s interesting is how Duce is able to take the mundane moments such as a business meeting being held and making it visually appealing. Coupled with the Guerrero’s color art, and Leigh’s lettering, it provides a cinematic appeal that only makes Duce’s artwork stand out more in all the best ways.

Personally, this is an issue that sets up a lot for what will occur in the following chapter. But despite the lack of the alter ego, it still holds up as a good issue despite the mundane set up. Yet even with the mundane, Tomasi provides great character moments and continues to dig deeper into Bruce Wayne as a person that hasn’t often been written by many other writers in the last few years. If you’re interested in picking up this issue, I say go for it, but if you’re looking to wait for the following issue, then you might want to skip this issue. Now context is important, and I’d recommend that if you want to get a better idea of what leads into the next issue, it’s best to pick it up and add to your pull list since it’s a good Batman title that gets better with each issue.

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