Comic Review: Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy Volume 5 TPB (Dark Horse)

Here comes another volume of Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy volume five on Dark Horse Comics and Webtoon. Y’know, for the past two years, I’ve been collecting and reviewing comics at […]

Here comes another volume of Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy volume five on Dark Horse Comics and Webtoon.

Y’know, for the past two years, I’ve been collecting and reviewing comics at the same time, and during the time of the year I’ve been focused on doing different for a change, but I’m reviewing comics again. Anyway speaking of, remember when I talked about the whole review of the first volume of Space Boy; this link below if you want to be a webtoon nerd:

Well, the story keeps escalating and fairly enough, this story never ceases to amaze me. I mean of all these years that Stephen McCranie had produced this series, it actually goes to my inspiration. It’s been a while since I read the webtoon series, however, I needed some catching up to do just to get to the main story of the series. But getting this graphic novel is like having to collect some microchips out of a human’s brain…. scary isn’t it?

Anyway, the front cover of this volume, we have Cassie dresses like she’s going in some high school prom, not to mention ‘The Homecoming Dance’, and somehow this concept is actually more normal than anything. However, every volume of the series you’ll see some cast of characters taking the spotlight as this big letter O is in its way, I feel like at home already. So picking up from the last few volumes, Amy kept seeing Oliver very often, even though Oliver has some of his darkest secrets that he didn’t share with everyone because the headquarters kept monitoring him like some lab rat. Then again, how Cassie didn’t mean that much saying about Oliver from Amy, even if she doesn’t know him before, she wanted Amy to keep out of trouble from him. Amy’s curiosity never goes to waste, she decided to find a way to connect to him, meaning that she’s trying to have Oliver act more like a human. So now this volume focuses on a dramatic story between Cassie and David, well I see better dramatic stories right on the subway station. Before Amy goes dress shopping with Cassie, she went to find Oliver outside of school, and into the forest, she sees one of the paintings of his past life in some abandoned building as if the story is foretelling the readers in the future.

So it’s most likely a real turn of the events around the story, but there are some hilarious moments of the story. Like the sculpture part when Amy turned her art teacher’s face like a peanut or Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. That’s great, do I really need to be reminded of Pablo Picasso again? And the other part is that when Amy got scared by a deer, thinking that she’s about to get rammed over by his sharp horns. What the hell, I thought bulls would be threatening enough to tackle people by the horns, now she gets scared by a deer? I’ve seen too much on google searching already. However, from the start of the story, she is more interested in knowing who Oliver really is, even if he’s out of this world. I mean, Amy isn’t a little girl anymore, she’s grown up now. After 30 years of her slumber, she basically going over some soul searching for herself. Her experience is much more different from mine. However, there are more flavors than meets the eye, because Stephen’s story is more complex for making such a good story with full of flavors on it.

So, is Space Boy really a great webtoon series of all time? Well, maybe… It has some good storylines, it’s addicting for the webtoon readers, we have some lovable characters, and a wonderful friendship, that’s actually what makes it more heartfelt stories alike. However there are more stories that meant to have child-friendly, but this comic has more of appreciation. This series kept coming up with every episode every week, and you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. Now I can understand what friendship is about after reading this book without hesitation, if you can understand life, you can understand the true nature of the story itself.

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