TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 8 – Jericho (DC Universe)

The Titans have been going through some back story each episode along with keeping us grounded in the present. This episode by the title alone is going to tell us […]

The Titans have been going through some back story each episode along with keeping us grounded in the present.

This episode by the title alone is going to tell us where we are about to go. We start in the mind of Jericho in the year 2014. After a talk with his mom, Jericho heads to the beach to meet with his new friends…The Titans. Dawn and Grayson have a talk, Dawn is unsure of this plan and Grayson assures her Jericho is Deathstroke’s son. They are all sitting around a campfire talking about families. Jericho is reluctant to talk about his dad. Grayson shares some experiences and then Jericho opens up about his father’s backstory.  We get a brief beginning of Deathstroke’s story.  We also see Jericho before he had his accident.  Jericho continues to explain that he does not see or talk to his father since their falling out.

They have a plan to get Deathstroke to spare Jericho any more heartbreak. The Titans are one step behind and can’t figure out why, so the team is split on if Jericho played them or if it was a coincidence. Wintergreen tells Deathstroke that Jericho has been hanging out with the Titans and that maybe they are milking him for information, which happens to be exactly what is happening.  Donna visits her Themascyrian contact and she discloses that the target was not Garth and he was a victim of the wrong place at the wrong time.  The Amazons want Donna off the case since she is emotionally compromised.

We go back to the record store where we see Jericho’s meta ability first hand.  Grayson takes him to the tower where Jericho shows off his powers. He tells a story of when he talk Slade about the powers. Slade FORBID Jericho to ever tell anyone or show them. Dawn wants Grayson to cut ties with Jericho before it goes too far. Grayson tells her that they can help him, and Dawn hopes that it is not in vain.  They decide to tell Jericho that they are the Titans. They put the cards on the table that they knew exactly who he was and they explain why they have been talking to him.  They tell the truth to Jericho about Deathstroke.

Jericho goes to pack his bags and leave home. His mother tries to stop him, but his mind is set and leaves. Deathstroke’s wife demands to Slade that he needs to fix the situation and leave forever so that Jericho comes home. Upset at him she tells him that he has one chance to make this right. Wintergreen comes to the record store to talk to Jericho and tells him that Slade wants to meet. He puts into Jericho’s head that the Titans are lying to him. Dawn and Grayson have another discussion about Jericho. Dawn does not know why Grayson is acting this way and his reply was that she told him to be Batman.  Donna gets a text from Jillian that she went back to Themascyra only to pan down to see Deathstroke has taken care of her. Donna heads to investigate and notices a trap has been set.

Deathstroke and Donna fight and it does not go in Donna’s favor. As Donna is bleeding out she sends an emergency beacon to the tower for help.  We are then taken to a church where Jericho meets with Deathstroke. The Titans get to Donna and help her. Grayson (in full Robin uniform) runs out to help Jericho. Robin and Deathstroke start to battle. Robin has met his match and is having his behind handed to him by Deathstroke.  As Deathstroke is about to land the killing strike on Grayson, Jericho gets in the way and takes the blade to the chest.  Now we know why the Titans were forced to shut down.  It was not a friendly goodbye.

Pretty eye-opening episode as we got to see how truly badass Deathstroke is. It was also very tragic to see Jericho’s fate played out. JQ gives this episode a solid 9 out of 10!


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