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The latest Blu-ray from DC takes us to Themyscira to witness the origin of the one and only Wonder Woman! Along with this being an origin story, Diana makes it […]

The latest Blu-ray from DC takes us to Themyscira to witness the origin of the one and only Wonder Woman!

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Along with this being an origin story, Diana makes it her mission to help a troubled young girl who is part of an organization called Villainy, Inc.  The members of this organization want to invade Themyscira, but will they be ready for the Amazons?

Most know this story that Diana rescues Steve Trevor as he crashes onto Themyscira, and takes him to a mending chamber where he is fully recovered. However, Queen Hippolyta (Diana’s mother) takes Steve prisoner because his presence breaks the cardinal no man-law of Paradise Island. He is later broken out by Diana, who sees an omen about an otherworldly invasion fulfilled by his arrival. When Hippolyta demands Steve’s re-incarceration, Diana defies her, fighting her before leaving to protect man’s world, causing the heart-broken Hippolyta to disown her.

In America Etta Candy takes Diana and Steve to Dr. Julia Kapatelis. Diana also meets the doctor’s daughter Vanessa, who becomes jealous of Diana as her parent pays more attention to Diana than her. As time goes by, Diana continues to protect man’s world as a superhero under the code name Wonder Woman.

Years later, Diana meets up with Steve, Julia, and Etta at the Hall of Justice, where Julia requests Diana’s help in finding Vanessa, who is intending to trade an artifact she stole from Julia’s superior to Dr. Poison. Diana, Steve, and Julia intervene in the trade but are confronted by Poison’s soldiers and her enforcer, Giganta. Having tangled with Wonder Woman in the past and lost, Giganta injects herself with a mysterious enhancement serum to bolster herself for a rematch. Meanwhile, Julia is fatally shot during the crossfire between Steve and the foot soldiers, and Poison escapes with the artifact. Vanessa blames Diana for her mother’s death by coming into her life and runs off into the night. Afterward, she is recruited by Doctors Poison to undergo an experiment that turns her into Silver Swan.

Diana and Vanessa fight and Vanessa is quickly defeated, while Doctor Poison flees with a prototype bioweapon. Diana and Steve take the unconscious Vanessa to get help. Diana believes using the healing powers in Themyscira which once saved Steve can save Vanessa from the techno-organic virus that gives her her powers. However, Diana doesn’t remember the location of Themyscira due to a mystic safety measure which prevents others from finding it. Veronica shows them Julia’s office, who was also searching for Themyscira as a pet project. After going through Julia’s notes, they discover that Diana must drink water from a fountain to gain knowledge of the location of Paradise Island. Diana heads to the temple where Cheetah is waiting for her. Cheetah takes the same serum that Giganta took to battle Wonder Woman. Diana uses the Lasso of Truth to subdue Cheetah to gain the information she needs.

Once Diana and her crew get the plan they arrive at Themyscira and it is too late. The Island is already under siege from Villainy, Inc. Dr. Poison and Vanessa unleash their biggest weapon, Medusa, onto Themyscira. Medusa is hit with the serum to make her grow and start a rampage on the island. After Medusa’s defeat, Vanessa and Hippolyta reconcile with Diana, and all afflicted are healed. Hippolyta declares Diana the Champion of Themyscira and announces her decision to open Paradise Island to the outside world again.  There is a mid-credit scene so make sure you watch them because it does not look like Villainy, Inc. is finished yet.

Rosario Dawson played a pretty AWESOME Wonder Woman!! The voice casting was well done and seemed to be very into it. Rosario really played the character well and I enjoyed her work on this project.

DC Showcase: Death (Animated Short) – Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman,” Death is produced & directed by Sam Liu and written by J.M. DeMatteis. In the story, Vincent, an artist with unresolved inner demons, meets a mysterious girl who helps him come to terms with his creative legacy …and eventual death.

The Cheetah: Ferocious Archenemy (New Featurette) – Ferocious. Clever. Deadly. It’s the thrill of the hunt and the prey is Wonder Woman. This is the story of The Cheetah, Diana’s greatest enemy.

A Sneak Peek at the next DC Universe Movie, Superman: Red Son – An advanced look at the next animated film in the popular DC Universe Movies collection.

From the DC Vault: 2 bonus Cartoons

This film was better than I expected it to be. It was sort of like 3 movies and each section melded right into each other. I look forward to seeing if DC is going to continue with this story especially after the mid-credit scene.  JQ gives this film an 8.7 out of 10.

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