Comic Review: Doomsday Clock #12 (DC Comics)

The fate of all existence rests in the hands of Dr. Manhattan and Superman. Everything across time and space has lead to this very moment. What transpires after this fated […]

The fate of all existence rests in the hands of Dr. Manhattan and Superman. Everything across time and space has lead to this very moment.

What transpires after this fated meeting, will change everything, forever. The final chapter to this modern epic finally comes to a close.

Looking back on this entire series, it is amazing how much time has passed since issue 1 all the way to this final issue. In regards to the concept of time and the themes and narratives that Johns has been writing throughout this series, I’d say it’s effective since time helps to provide perspective, causing readers to have a different outlook with each installment that was released. But now we’re finally here, and without spoiling everything, It is safe to say that not only will this read better in trade, but, I think this series successfully sticks the landing in ways that met expectations, while also surprising readers in ways that will surpass what anyone could have imagined things to turn out. If there is anything that I can say that this book does so well, is provide perspective.

Throughout the entirety of this series, Johns has been exploring the different perspectives of the Watchmen characters and the DC Universe, while also providing perspective from a meta standpoint, that makes this an enjoyable series that was full of genuine twists that I don’t believe many saw coming, and that is a good thing. I don’t know how Alan Moore would feel about this book, but I’d like to think that this would be something that he’d actually appreciate…(maybe). I feel that Johns did an amazing job channeling Alan Moore’s characters, while also blending those concepts and narratives seamlessly with the DC Universe in ways that felt, unbelievably natural.

It is an odd time to live where there are two sequels to Watchmen, such as the HBO series, and this mini-series, both of which are refreshing commentary on the characters of both universes, while also providing interesting commentary that reflects the world we live in. Despite the huge delays between each issue, and some of the doubts that developed and was reassured throughout the entirety of this series, it was surely worth the wait. Johns shows his absolute appreciation for the various characters of these existing universes, and I can’t help but feel that no one would have been able to achieve a feat such as this.

Johns has written something that feels complementary to a piece of work that for the longest time, was thought taboo to make a sequel. I was very concerned that this book wouldn’t be able to fulfill the amount of story needed to give it a proper conclusion, but miraculously, Johns managed to stick the landing in a way that makes anyone and everyone that is a fan of both universes find appreciation for what has been achieved here. I have no doubt that this book will possibly divide people, but I also have no doubt that this book will be talked about for years to come as an amazing book. I’m definitely in the positive camp that feels that this was a worthy successor to Watchmen in the same way that Fury Road is to Mad Max as 2049 is to Blade Runner. It is interesting witnessing properties by legendary creators have successful follow-ups by worthy successors that genuinely care for the worlds that was crafted and try to expand on them that feel natural and not gimmicky.

It is a testament to what Johns is able to do as a writer, who is capable of taking on characters that have such weight to their name and succeeding in making something that was nearly impossible to fathom as a book, let alone a concept. What Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson and the rest of the team on this book has accomplished is truly a sight to read. If it hasn’t been obvious I’d highly recommend this book as one to add to the pull list for new comic book day, but even better, get it in trade because it will read better. This was an amazing book that many times provided many doubts and fears, yet despite delays, exceeded expectations, and delivered a story that will be talked out for many years to come.

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