Where Is All The Baby Yoda Merchandise At?

It’s Holiday time and people want “baby Yoda” merchandise, but where is it? A lot of us were looking forward to the Mandalorian and it became one of the reasons […]

It’s Holiday time and people want “baby Yoda” merchandise, but where is it?

A lot of us were looking forward to the Mandalorian and it became one of the reasons why we got a subscription to Disney+. I don’t think any of us expected the surprise at the end of the first episode. The creature that has become affectionally known as “baby Yoda”. 

“Baby Yoda” has really taken the world by storm. His cuteness level just went through the roof. Heck, this past week, “baby Yoda” drinking from a bowl has become the new hot meme. The problem is now, it’s Christmas time and people are going insane trying to find any merchandise with “baby Yoda”. There is none, and people aren’t happy. Right now, this is character that has the potential to be the “it” toy. Like the Cabbage Patch Kid or Furbies.  So many of us are asking where is it?

Mandalorian Executive Producer Jon Favreau convinced Disney not to release any merchandise of “baby Yoda” as to not ruin the surprise. Translation: No spoilers. Now this isn’t the first time production companies were worried toys would ruin a movie or TV show. I’ve been to enough Toy Fairs where I’ve been asked to take a picture of something because it could be a spoiler. This is standard practice. The part that’s odd is now that we had the big reveal, where’s the merchandise? 

So far there is little to none. Disney has said they have some and what they revealed is just clothing. Honestly, it’s rather unimpressive. It really does feel like Disney has dropped the ball. 

But then there’s the other side of Disney. Disney’s bread and butter is the Disney Princesses. There is still Frozen II merchandise on store’s shelves, and Disney is pushing this film a lot. Mind you there’s also Toy Story 4 merchandise that hasn’t gone into clearance, but that’s a topic for another day. 

The Mandalorian was kind of a risk for Disney, while Frozen II, a sequel is more of a safe bet for them. I can’t say that’s what’s going through executives heads. It’s only my theory.

All isn’t lost though. Funko is having a POP figure based on “baby Yoda”. The only problem I have is it’s a Target exclusive, so good luck with that. And, a topic for another time. 

Hasbro has said we should see some stuff in 2020, which is right around the corner. But that kills any Christmas wishes. And when will we start seeing this merchandise? Will we have to wait for reveals at Toy Fair, or could we see it sooner. 

Bottom line, I understand Disney’s stance with not spoiling this character, but this isn’t Disney’s first rodeo with a character reveal. They’ve done it in the past, why not now? Plus the fact that Disney kept their merchandise partners in the dark. Rumors of only telling the companies that there would be a child character and no other description. 

I could offer up theories and speculation, but we will never know. Right now, it’s just not going to a Star Wars Christmas. We’ll just have to be patient and wait for it. “Baby Yoda” is coming, and hopefully when he does come, he doesn’t oversaturate the market to point we are sick of it.

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