It is that time of year for new toy news.

Toy Fair kicked off with one of the best companies out there. Mezco’s Booth was packed full of goodies from Living Dead Dolls to their 5 point action figures and their ever-popular One: 12 collective line. It is hard to believe that Mezco has been going for twenty years now. Although it felt a little off without a ton of One:12 figures gracing the cases we still got to see some great upcoming figures in the line. For me, the highlight was the Mr. Freeze One:12 figure. As usual, the detail was pretty spot on and some great accessories included. However with that said we got to see more great figures from the line including Ghost Rider with motorcycle, the introduction of Predator, and Alien Big Chap, Doctor Zaius from Planet of The Apes,  In the catalog is a hint of a possible Christopher Reeves Superman, and we got to check out more Batman bad guys like Two-Face and Harley Quinn. With the plethora of Batman figures its nice to see some variety in bad guys that are coming. In their Marvel display case, we got to see Hydra soldiers although they are not listed as a figure in the line its pretty safe to say we will probably be seeing this figure soon. Maybe an Exclusive? Also a hint at a Black Widow Figure also in the catalog.  Finally, for the One:12 scale Mezco continues their exclusive line with the introduction of  Baron Bends and his school of Aquaticons.

Five Points showed off their 1966 Batman series figures and deluxe playset which also includes the Batmobile.  Old school Superman with hero changing phone booth was a nice surprise to see. Adams Family, The Warriors, Harvey Birdman, Space Ghost, and Scooby-Doo round out the notables in the line.

Living Dead Dolls showed off the Scooby-Doo line, The Shining, IT, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Ghostface, Saw, The Crow, Owlman, Joker, and Catwoman. Mega Scale got a boost from the Doll duo or Tiffany from the Seed Of Chucky, and Chucky himself from Child’s Play 2, Saw, And The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface.

Mezco Designer Series rounds out this year’s Toy Fair with  Both It Pennywise Clowns from The movie and the made for TV movie, The Nun with interchangeable faces, Annabelle with two sets of legs one for standing one for sitting, and Finally It Pennywise movie version 18 inch plush with sculpted head.

As always Mezco showed off some great stuff this year and we look forward to throwing our money their way. I could spend hours talking about all the great products but I’m sure everyone prefers the pictures.

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By Mike Hopkins - Feature Editor

As a long time collector, Mike's love for pop culture began in the 1980's with G I Joe and has grown since. Today he is our Managing Editor specializing in reviews of Mezco, DIamond Select Toys, DC Collectible and many other brands. As a writer he brings a honest but fair review style to Fanboy Factor. "What makes us who we are is our opinions other wise we get lost among many others who do not stand apart in the crowd."