Comic Review: Lupus (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing brings you another sci-fi genre graphic novel about a man who wanders from planet to planet haunted by his past and orbiting around a woman in Lupus on […]

IDW Publishing brings you another sci-fi genre graphic novel about a man who wanders from planet to planet haunted by his past and orbiting around a woman in Lupus on its first volume.

Ok, so Lupis for the IDW Comics, at first when I saw this comic, the story is like an indie comic where it was put on the shelves on Forbidden Planet and Strand bookstores. However, this comic is almost seemed that it took place in a modern world, but in outer space, and somehow it’s starting to get more different around the genre. The story is written and illustrated by Frederik Peeters, he’s a contemporary graphic novelist from Switzerland who created his autobiographical graphic novel of Blue Pills and became the best selection in Europe.

The front cover shows only the background of some serious infestation of germs or flowers going on there as long as the title of the book shows up at the front, this is fine right? Well, anyway, the story starts with two space travelers named Lupus and Tony who actually got a long haul for going on a fishing trip IN OUTERSPACE. They’ve been traveling for over six months, searching for something, but things have gotten more interesting throughout their journey. From planet after planet, they’ve landed in some mysterious world where it surrounded like Vegas-like world, then picked up a girl named Sanaa and went on a journey together with Tony. The strangest thing about traveling together is that they’re going on a fishing trip to catch a big fish along the way, which is almost like reading back the story of Sea of Stars from Image Comics. However, this comic contains one of the most exotic sea creatures that ever shat on the story. There, they caught a Hypermass which is the heaviest gargantuan creature on the sea, but even in its tiny size, it’s very heavy to catch. But there’s always a bigger fish to catch, both of them tried to catch a bigger shrimp that looked more like the giant gargantuan creature of Sin from Final Fantasy 10, and then Tony started gibbering Spanish in his anger, fighting just to catch that creature. Then afterward after a few days later, Tony died in a gunshot by some other traveler who wanted Sanaa who goes with that stranger. And then she and Lupus left the planet, and they traveled together on a long journey, what will happen next?

For a comic like this, the story is very interesting from the start, even from fishing on a journey with two lovers, it’s just too good to be true. There are some foreign planets that resembled as the countries of the state from planet earth. Even so, there are some of the strangest creatures on every planet, and that actually makes the world so interesting from the start. The art is much more to be realistic, even if this whole comic is indie comic oriented, however, the characters and the creatures are much more realistic than anything, how they react and how they feel is extraordinary, the author did a great job making a story that is more interesting to the readers. If you rather want to read something that takes you to a long journey in outer space, then this is for you.

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