Toy Review: Disney Select Classic Action Figures Series 1 Rocketeer (Diamond Select Toys)

Diamond Select Toys flies the Rocketeer home! I’m a huge fan of the Rocketeer ever since Dave Steven’s comic came out in 1982. It was an excellent homage to the […]

Diamond Select Toys flies the Rocketeer home!

I’m a huge fan of the Rocketeer ever since Dave Steven’s comic came out in 1982. It was an excellent homage to the old pulp heroes like Doc Savage and the Shadow. Seriously an awesome series.

1991, Disney came out with a film directed by Joe Johnston. The film was pretty close to the comics. It really was a great adaptation. To this day, still one of my favorite films. 

So when I heard Diamond Select Toys was going to product a Select action figure version of him, I just knew I had to have them.

Starting off is the head sculpt. Sculpted by Shawn Knapp, it’s not a bad head sculpt, but since this figure is based on the movie version of the Rocketeer, it really doesn’t look like actor Billy Campbell. I will say this though, you can tell it’s supposed to be character Cliff Secord. The helmet head looks like exactly how it should. Very iconic! Both heads can be switched without any issue.

The sculpt is very amazing on this figure. Nice folds in the clothing and nice detail right down to the pantaloons. The jacket has a removable front panel, so you can either have the jacket fully buttoned up or opened a little. And the paint job on the figure is seriously nice here. Nice shading. 

The rocket pack looks amazing. I think it’s permanently on there, as I didn’t want to force it. Now if you remember from the movie, the rocket pack took a bullet and to plug up the hole, Rocketeer’s friend Peevy put his chewed gum over it. So right there on the rocket pack is a pink blob. Love that!

The Rocketeer comes with 4 sets of hands: One gloveless. One open gloved. One gloved bend fingers. And the last set is a gun hand and a fist. Now, this is what confuses me. While he does come with a hand to grasp a gun, there is no gun included with the figure. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this from DST when it comes to a Disney property. The same thing happened with one of the Black Widow figures. This seriously seems like a Disney mandate, but I’m going to try and not go off on that. It just would have been nice if he came with his iconic Mauser.

He also comes with a copy of blueprints of the rocket pack. These are highly detailed. 

There are two types of accessories for the jet pack. The fist is “blast-off” stand. The stand plugs right into the holes in the bottom of the rocket pack. It’s perfectly balanced as well. And then there are 2 rocket blasts that plug into the rocket pack. This allows you for free-flying play. You know you want to!

Bottom line, this is an awesome figure. Great for your collection especially if you’re a Rocketeer fan!

Many thanks to Diamond Select Toys for letting us check this out!

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